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Design your Signature Touch in Three Easy Steps!

The jar is open, the cream shines and exudes a pleasant scent. Now comes the moment of truth which decides whether you like it or not, whether it's a one-off purchase or a new favourite product. How does the cream feel? Is it light, greasy, rich, waxy or rather powdery? In this article you will learn how to create your "Signature Touch" in three steps.

21. February 2023|Personal Care|

SOFTIGEN® 767 as a solubilizer & penetration enhancer for topical applications

In the topical application of drugs and for their therapeutic success, the development or the selection of the formulation of the active ingredient carrier is of crucial importance. IOI Oleo GmbH is committed to the production of lipidic excipients of the highest quality, which have been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. The multifunctional product SOFTIGEN® 767 solubilizes active ingredients and at the same time has a moisturizing effect - an optimal combination for topical formulations.

10. February 2023|Pharma|

Acid value as a central, objective quality factor for lipid excipients

The selection and qualification of a manufacturer of excipients and active ingredients is one of the main tasks of quality management, which aims, among other things, to ensure the manufacture of effective and safe pharmaceuticals. In this context, monographs serve as a guide to evaluate raw materials regarding their physico-chemical properties and also help to compare different sources of the "supposedly" same raw material.

16. January 2023|Pharma|

Food Ingredients Europe 2022 in Paris – For the first time with IOI Oleo GmbH

Full of anticipation, the teams from our business units "Nutrition" and "Basic Oleo" traveled to Food Ingredients Europe 2022 in Paris and presented IOI Oleo GmbH to more than 21,000 visitors from over 135 countries. For us, participating in this leading trade fair for the food industry with our own stand was the first time, and we were therefore very excited to hear the feedback from the visitors.

10. January 2023|Nutrition, Trade Fairs|


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