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CEP 2.0 completely new? Effects on the quality and layout of the certificate

The high quality that we strive for in our portfolio is also reflected in our service. One aspect of this service is to make the usage of our excipients as simple and safe as possible; hence, we have selected products certified by the "European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare" (EDQM). The recent renewal of the certification system brings with it a number of improvements and changes.

8. December 2023|Pharma|

Polymorphism in Lipids: Influence and Control in Pharmaceutical Applications

Polymorphism is a fundamental phenomenon observed in lipid materials, encompassing a diverse group of biomolecules such as fats, oils, and phospholipids. This phenomenon refers to the ability of lipids to exist in multiple structurally distinct states of crystallinity. Polymorphism in lipid materials has significant implications, e.g. in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Controlling lipid polymorphism can be of paramount importance in the development of lipid-based drug delivery systems.

20. October 2023|Pharma|

The key to glowing skin: Skin Barrier Creams

Our skin barrier is the "first line of defense" against external factors and plays a crucial role in the appearance and health of our skin. With moisturizers and actives like hyaluronic acid and natural oils, we can strengthen the skin barrier. In this post, you'll learn more about our natural skin care ingredients for healthy skin.

27. September 2023|Personal Care|


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