Long-awaited storage tank facility for Wittenberge

13. December 2020

With the Focus on Customers: brand-new, state-of-the-art storage tank facility at IOI Oleo GmbHs production site in Wittenberge.

It is not just since the worldwide Corona pandemic that it has been extremely important for companies to develop products and services further and thus put themselves in a strong, but also flexible position for the future. The art of doing so is to recognise and understand customers’ needs, wishes and goals. That is the only way to create noticeable added value. Otherwise, it is no wonder if uncountable improvements and well-intentioned ideas cannot survive in the market in the long term: They are not used because they were developed without consideration of customers’ requirements and are perhaps not needed at all. We too must keep asking ourselves: Is business expansion in the interests of our customers?

When we asked ourselves in 2019 whether we should invest almost 2 million euros in the expansion of our Production site in Wittenberge, the focus was always on the benefit for our customers, which was the decisive factor for our decision in favour of expanding.

In the past, raw materials for the production of our oleochemical specialties in Wittenberge were often stored in external storage facilities. Besides the high costs involved, we primarily wanted to improve flexibility, which had been lacking due to the circumstances. The objective was to be able to adapt the storage situation quickly and agilely in line with our customers’ requirements and the production capacities wanted and needed. The plan was clear: IOI Oleo GmbH’s production site in Wittenberge would have a new, long-awaited storage tank facility.

  1. Storage 1
  2. Basic Facility
  3. MCT Facility
  4. Esterification-Facility
  5. Storage 2
  6. New Storage Tank Facility West 4

The new storage tank facility comprises four large-volume tanks plus a loading and unloading area for road tankers. The wastewater system for the new, advanced storage tank facility can be connected directly to the existing ultramodern wastewater system of the esterification plant.

We have already demonstrated on numerous occasions that IOI Oleo GmbH has a particular focus on sustainability and that we have embedded the topic of environmental awareness firmly in our corporate values. Our mission is to make the world a little bit greener

The entire tank facility and naturally also the production process meet all the relevant environmental regulations and laws. This also includes compliance with the German Federal Water Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz).

With this complex construction project, IOI Oleo GmbH has reached a new milestone in the history of the company. The new investment enables the site to act in a more adaptive, modern and highly customer-friendly way.

If you have any questions regarding the new tank storage facility and the corresponding expansions in production, we will be glad to receive your email or telephone call.

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Tony Voß

Tony Voß is a production site assistant at IOI Oleo GmbH in Wittenberge since October 2020. He completed his high school diploma in economics and administration at the Upper School Center in Prignitz and successfully finished his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at the American Airlaid Group Glatfelter. After various positions as a material management sergeant and sales planner, he started working as commercial employee in early 2019 in the Customer Service & Logistics department at IOI OLEO GmbH in Wittenberge. In his private life, Tony does a lot of fitness, is involved in finance, and enjoys cooking international national dishes.