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9. November 2020

Back to Nature!

Even though there is currently a lot of change taking place, one global trend is clearly visible: Back to Nature! Be it forest bathing or the conscious choice when buying food, fashion or cosmetic products. Nature is the origin of all beings. More and more people are interested in the raw materials used in creams and lipsticks, their origin and their effect on skin and hair.

With our behaviour, we can all consciously contribute to making the world a little bit better. That is the reason why we are particularly proud of our green portfolio. With a proportion of over 75% of nature-based products, we prove that naturalness and performance are not a contradiction but a question of technology. Our reliable, nature-based raw materials are produced in Germany from renewable raw materials and have been showing the strength of nature for more than thirty years. We are green – with the deepest conviction. Whether emulsifiers, emollients or multifunctionals – brands like IMWITOR®, MIGLYOL® or SOFTISAN® have always stood for strong performance in a natural way.

However, that alone is not enough for us.

We want to make the world a little bit greener and therefore to understand functions and uses of popular raw materials that are not natural or sustainable in order to then produce “green” versions with the same or even improved properties. The best example is SOFTIGEN®PURA, a nature-based, creamy, pasty emollient with very similar properties to those of petroleum jelly/Vaseline that meets all requirements.
We have combined two popular applications in formulations so that you can feel the effect. Our “INSTA-MOIST LIP BALM” (Formulation No. 843), which provides an even balance between colour and care for dry lips. And our Formulation No. 831 “MAYDAY RESCUE BALM” provides intensive care for chapped skin and restores its suppleness. The star in both formulations is SOFTIGEN®PURA, which unfolds its skin protecting effect and maintains the skin’s moisture level.

The number of labels and certifications has grown with the increasing interest in nature-based raw materials. For us, the most important standards are currently ECOCERT/COSMOS and ISO 16128:


The COSMOS standard is the world-wide standard for natural and organic cosmetics. It was developed by five founding members, including BDIH in Germany and Ecocert Greenlife SAS in France. An objective of the standard is to harmonise certification rules for cosmetics and to define minimum requirements, for example the use of ingredients from renewable raw materials.

ISO 16128

ISO 16128 has been in existence since 2016. Its objective is to unify the various standards. Hence, it is not a certification. Besides other indices, the Natural Origin Index (NOI) is an important indicator reflecting the naturalness of raw materials. For example, an NOI of 0.79 shows that the nature-based proportion of the product or raw material is 79%; 1 stands for 100% natural.

Our nature-based products meet the named standards, which also determine our requirements for ALL future launches. Based on nature and produced from renewable raw materials – we see this as a question of conviction. 

There are other standards in addition to those already mentioned, for example NaTrue, the NPA (Natural Products Association) or the BioPreferred Program.

This is our contribution as IOI Oleo GmbH to protecting nature.

What is your very personal contribution?

Because sustainability is often quite simple, here is our challenge for each and every one:

  • Be consciously aware of nature the next time you take a walk in a forest or at the seaside.
  • Try to not only separate your rubbish but to produce less right from the start – how about an attractive lunch box and an eye-catching take-away mug for your morning coffee from the baker’s? This way, you can often even save a few cents.
  • … And for all cosmetic formulators: Naturalness and performance are perfectly compatible! In addition to our products, we offer comprehensive support with tools such as trend-oriented concepts and formulations (e.g. Anhydrous Beauty Kit), videos and targeted webinars on the topic of Nature and Clean Beauty.

If we have sparked your interest, just contact our Personal Care Team.

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller is Application Engineer in the CARE Studio. She is a graduate of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where she received an Engineer’s degree in Cosmetic and Detergent Technologies. Before joining IOI, Insa worked at LR Health & Beauty, developing skin care products. Insa is fascinated by the world of cosmetics and is always up to date on the latest fashion trends. After work, she is currently doing a Master’s course in Sales and Marketing at the Wismar University of Applied Sciences.