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MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO – The water-light Feel-Good-Emollient goes green

It's no secret that the important ozone layer is constantly getting thinner and the protection against harmful UV radiation decreases as a result. Protecting our skin is therefore more important than ever in order to prevent the risk of skin cancer. In addition to the right clothing, primarily sunscreen lotions with a high sun protection factor provide protection. The formulation of these sun creams is primarily characterized by the use of chemical and synthetic ingredients. With MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO, however, we give your formulation a real ECO boost!

2. May 2022|General|

Making a virtue of necessity – dealing with supply chain issues in the Technical Applications business unit

The Corona pandemic has led to diverse business constraints all around the globe. Not only have costs of logistics, raw materials and packaging material increased extremely but also the availabilities of such decreased rapidly. Freight costs from Asia to Europe have multiplied, creating a huge challenge especially for materials from the Far East. Vessels or containers are often blocked in harbours due to lockdowns or sick crews. Harvests were partially lower during the pandemic, also related to lockdown situations.

19. April 2022|General, General, General|

New distribution partner Pharma for Asia Pacific

In our last newsletter, we reported on our increased presence in Asia and were able to introduce four new colleagues to you. The recently concluded partnership with our new distributor DKSH for our pharmaceutical area underpins our commitment to our customers in the Asian markets.

11. April 2022|Pharma|

Reinforcement for the IOI family – Four new colleagues in Asia

Reliability and solution orientation are just two points that characterize IOI Oleo GmbH. Our aim is to work in partnership with you in order to be able to incorporate your needs into our daily effort. In order to be in even more direct contact with you, we have expanded our presence in Asia, one of our growth markets. We can now welcome four new colleagues to our ranks and introduce them here.

29. March 2022|Company|

SheEnvisions – How our Marble Kiss Lipstick became „La Cameroonaise”

Current global events show how valuable and important it is that there are people who, full of devotion and charity, want to make our earth a little bit better. One of these fascinating people is the young Cameroonian Ingrid, who worked in our IOI CARE Studio as a working student. When she learned from us how theoretical chemistry is applied in practice, she came up with the idea of imparting this knowledge in Cameroon to students, who have only few opportunities to use their knowledge. Today we would like to introduce you to the "SheEnvisions" project, which was launched together with the non-profit organization "Sustainable Growth Projects".

15. March 2022|Personal Care|


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