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Product launch and formulation diversity at the in-cos 2024 in Paris

Paris - the city of love, with its sense of aesthetics and beauty, is hosting in-cosmetics global again this year (April 16 - 18). After the successful and award-winning launch of SOFTISAN® MagicPOWDER S last year (read our article on "OUR AWARD-WINNING SOFTSAN® MagicPOWDER S" here), we are looking forward to presenting another new product to you this year: DYNASAN® CrystalCONTROL L - our "Formulator´s jewel for worry-free processes".

9. April 2024|Personal Care|

Core competence innovation: The R&D department of IOI Oleo GmbH

IOI Oleo GmbH is known for its high-quality oleochemical specialties and is regarded as a benchmark in many areas. To achieve and maintain this status, continuous work on existing products and innovations is required, as market requirements are changing rapidly. For this reason, we have built up a 14-strong R&D team and equipped it with the latest technology in order to be able to react proactively to trends and customer requirements.

Regulatory innovations – Milestones for the Chinese market – IMWITOR® 742, MIGYLOL® 810 N & MIGLYOL® 812 N

The filing of two further dossiers with the Chinese NMPA* represents an outstanding milestone for customers in the Chinese market. From now on, manufacturers and exporters of finished pharmaceutical products can refer to these dossiers in their application documents. Our Regulatory Affairs department will issue your "Letter of Access" on request.

30. January 2024|Pharma|


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