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Engineered Lipid Excellence – Made in Germany

Hardly any other area today is as highly regulated by the legislature as the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are currently no manufacturing guidelines for lipid-based excipients, although most drugs consist for the largest part (75 to 99%) of excipients. The team of the Pharma Business Unit at IOI Oleo GmbH is aware of its responsibility as a globally known provider of oleochemical specialties for pharmaceuticals. We were the first company to receive a GMP certificate for our excipients, although this is only required for active ingredients.

1. March 2021|Pharma|

MIGLYOL 8810 – Walking on Sunshine

Those familiar joys of spring are back, our skin longs for the sun, the days are finally getting longer and warmer again. And the summer-sun-good-mood evergreen “Walking on Sunshine” has been part of every summer since 1985 - just like MIGLYOL® 8810.

21. February 2021|Personal Care|


In 2016, the industrial division of CREMER Oleo GmbH was transferred to the IOI Group from Malaysia and IOI Oleo GmbH with the production sites in Witten, Wittenberge and the new headquarters in Hamburg was founded. On February 16, 2021, the event was celebrating its fifth anniversary. Happy Birthday to us: Wittenberge, Witten and Hamburg.

16. February 2021|Company|


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