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Committed to Sustainability – CPHI 2022

In November, the CPHI 2022 in Frankfurt, the leading trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, finally ended our long absence from trade fairs. We were all very excited to finally see our customers, business partners and friends again, resume personal discussions and make new contacts. One topic was especially important to us: Sustainability. And we were particularly proud of an innovation with a great deal of potential.

25. November 2022|General, Pharma, Trade Fairs|

MIGLYOL® Coco 810 – Dry Lightness, Premium Softness

"The richer, the more nourishing" − This is a misconception that persists. The right choice of emollients and oils is crucial for the care properties of formulations. MIGLYOL® Coco 810 creates the perfect balance − a light feeling on the skin with noticeable caring properties at the same time. Current studies carried out by an external laboratory show that our ingredient keeps what it promises.

17. November 2022|Personal Care|

CARE Studio by IOI Oleo GmbH – Designers of Touch & Technology

“To understand our customers, we need to think like consumers”. With this idea in mind, our desire for a state-of-the-art application laboratory and showroom in the heart of Hamburg grew four years ago. And it became reality! Since 2018, the team from the Personal Care Business Unit has been working enthusiastically on new formulations, providing customer support and contributing to the development of new raw materials. The lab workshops, to which we invite our partners and customers, are a special highlight for us.

16. September 2022|Personal Care|


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