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SOFTIGEN® 767: The Water-Loving Emollient

With the revolution of the soap production in the 19th century, washing with soap was firmly established as a part of daily hygiene. However, the surfactants contained in soap weakened the skin’s natural barrier, and producers therefore began adding refatting ingredients. Our SOFTIGEN® 767 has already been used since the 1970s for refatting purposes, among others. However, this water-loving emollient has much more to offer and is also a gentle alternative to soap.

5. October 2021|Personal Care|

Promising Trends from the US Market – IOI Oleo already has the answers

A trend that we are seeing in the market in the USA is the improvement of patient compliance. "Take 1 tablet instead of having to think about regularly taking 3 tablets a day." A trend that we are seeing in the USA addresses just this topic. The goal is to ensure the release of the active ingredients over a longer period after administration. This enables longer intervals between doses and, as a result, improved quality of personal life and an increased chance of successful treatment.

5. October 2021|Pharma, Trade Fairs|

Smart solution: Anti-fog agents for agricultural films

Where synthetic materials are used in the right place – for example, as films for greenhouses and other land used for agricultural purposes – uneconomic, dry areas can be utilised for agriculture and crop yields optimised despite unfavourable climatic conditions. SOFTENOL® 3190, a product of IOI Oleo GmbH’s Technical Applications Business Unit, improves the efficiency of greenhouses in this special field of application and protects the plants in them at the same time.

29. September 2021|General|

Performance is the key: IMWITOR® 2025

A standstill means a setback! That is why progress is our goal. That may sound like a cliché, but it is a top priority on the agenda at IOI Oleo: More performance? No problem! Well, clear the stage! We proudly present our new product IMWITOR® 2025.Our latest development has the same positive properties as IMWITOR® 2020, but ensures significantly better application. Performance is the key!

16. August 2021|Nutrition, Nutrition|

SOFTISAN® 649 – THE plant-based synthetic Lanolin Alternative

Lanolin or wool wax is a versatile ingredient and was used medicinally in ancient times. Lanolin is the secretion from sebum glands of sheep and is formed on the surface of their skin. However, the animals have to be treated with pesticides to protect them from parasites. The problem here is that these pesticides accumulate in the wool wax and can later lead to strong allergic reactions in users. This motivated IOI Oleo GmbH to develop a plant-based, synthetic alternative: et voila, SOFTISAN® 649 has since enriched our portfolio and has, among other things, made a name for itself as a lanolin substitute in the pharmaceutical industry.

12. August 2021|Pharma|


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