Performance is the key: IMWITOR® 2025

16. August 2021

A standstill means a setback! That is why progress is our goal. That may sound like a cliché, but it is a top priority on the agenda at IOI Oleo: More performance? No problem! We are seldom satisfied and always refine our products to meet the needs of our customers, the consumers or the market.

Research and development are important components for supporting our customers with future growth and keeping or even expanding relevant products on the market. We are fully committed to providing you with perfect products! It is our job to develop solutions that are tailored to your individual needs so that your customers can ultimately benefit from them!

Customer and market requirements for better processability of our diacetyl tartaric acid esters have inspired us to enhance our emulsifier IMWITOR® 2020. The viscosity was to be reduced in order to significantly improve the pumpability of the product. Another aim was the processing at lower temperatures during the production process, which results in lower energy costs on the one hand and prevents the unintentional decomposition of heat-sensitive products on the other.

Well, clear the stage!
We proudly present our new product
IMWITOR® 2025:

IMWITOR® 2025 is a diacetyltartaric acid ester (DATEM) classified under E472e (mono- and diacetyltartaric acid ester of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) within the same legal parameters and labelling regulations as our well-known IMWITOR® 2020. Our latest development has the same positive properties as IMWITOR ® 2020 but ensures significantly better application. Performance is the key:

Ein Leib Brot

Performance is the key! The advantages of the IMWITOR® 2025 summarized:

  • Easier processing due to reduced viscosity
  • Improved pumpability
  • Reduction of process temperatures during production

  • Better miscibility with other products

And now we proudly invite you to test our new product, IMWITOR® 2025, in your own applications. We would be happy to provide you with samples of IMWITOR® 2025 for initial tests free of charge. Contact our professionals from the Nutrition Business Unit, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Sven Stepan

Sven Stepan graduated in food technology and can now look back on almost two decades at the Witten production site. Through his years of experience, he has acquired a comprehensive oleochemical knowledge. His know-how for applications is complemented by further knowledge in the areas of ​​quality management and product development. His focus is now on project work for the development of new products, such as the new IMWITOR® 2025. Working in the area of ​​quality management, has enabled Sven Stepan to gain deep insights into production, which he utilises in his additional tasks as Team Leader HACCP. Together with an interdisciplinary team, Sven implements the requirements for food safety at the Witten production site. In his private life, the ambitious hobby photographer enjoys the tranquility and diversity of nature and loves to take photographs of native animals in the wild.