Another Step towards Sustainability – Green Electricity for the two Production Sites of IOI Oleo GmbH

15. February 2021

Offering sustainable and nature-based products is one of our basic principles. We recently took another consistent step by switching the energy supply of our production sites to green electricity.

The world is beautiful, diverse, colourful, exciting, calming, but also extremely fragile. We live with it in a delicate balance. Climate change is having a threatening impact on flora and fauna. Yet we know that careful use of the available resources can stop climate change or at least significantly delay it. Not only politicians are formulating targets for reducing CO2 emissions, but more and more companies are understanding their responsibility to nature and society and are responding accordingly.

As a raw material producer, we are at the beginning of the value chain; hence, our carbon footprint affects downstream industries as well. At the same time, the chemical industry, which includes us, is one of the major industrial CO2 emitters. It therefore plays a key role in climate protection, because climate-friendly products are a crucial factor in almost all industrial sectors.

IOI Oleo GmbH is aware of this role and systematically aligns its own sustainability targets with the company’s goals.

On the one hand, this includes sustainable raw materials on a natural basis. and, on the other hand, correspondingly efficient and resource-saving processing of these raw materials. To this end, we continuously optimize transport routes, keep our production facilities at the cutting edge of technology and invest in the expansion of our sites with the environment in focus (read about our state-of-the-art storage tank facility in Wittenberge here).

In order to consistently follow our mission to make a positive contribution to climate change, we have switched our production sites in Witten and Wittenberge completely to green electricity. But what exactly does “green electricity” mean?

Green electricity is electrical energy generated from renewable energy sources (hydro, wind, solar), renewable raw materials (wood, straw, corn, organic waste, etc.) or environmentally friendly sources. This contrasts with energy generated from nuclear power and fossil fuels.

With our sustainable products and the switch to green electricity, we are consistently pursuing our targets while exerting a positive influence on downstream industries and the environment. Thus, with our products and raw materials we create a leverage effect for our customers´ products by also lowering their carbon footprint.

If you want to learn more about this effect, just get in touch with us!

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Odile Grahl

Odile Grahl is Head of the Marketing department at IOI Oleo GmbH. Following her studies in Law and Business Administration in France, her curiosity led the French native to Germany. Through her willingness to explore new paths and work with different people, and her fascination for customers’ products and needs, Odile gained relevant experience in the areas of BtoB and BtoC in a variety of positions, both in medium-sized structures and international groups (Henkel and Beiersdorf). She finds stimulation in architecture and design and relaxation in painting with acrylics, cooking or yoga…. The world of fragrances has been a special inspiration to her for many years now.