Touching Technologies: IMWITOR® 375

27. August 2020

One of our stars is contained in creams, lotions, bath oils, sun care and many other products. Versatile and Universal:  IMWITOR® 375. The Formulator’s Must Have.

When we speak about a finely dispersed mixture of two liquids, usually oil and water, we call it an emulsion. The individual liquids are called phases. This distinguishes emulsions as disperse systems from directly miscible liquids. The emulsifier is an important component of emulsions; it facilitates the formation of droplets and counteracts phase separation.

It is fast, easy and naturally based: IOI Oleo GmbH’s anionic O/W emulsifier IMWITOR® 375. The possible areas of application for IMWITOR® 375 are incredibly versatile. It can be used in creams, face, hand, foot and body lotions, beard oils, bath oils and also in sunscreens or sun care products, sprays and gels. The champion of cosmetic formulations is based on rapeseed and maize, but also sugar beet and sunflower oil, and has a COSMOS / ECOCERT certification.

However, when, in addition to the core properties such as the broad range of possible applications and the naturalness of the product, we speak of speed, even professionals don’t always immediately know what is meant.

How can an emulsifier be fast?

Due to its liquid form, IMWITOR® 375 is easy to handle and apply; for example, this means fast weighing in the laboratory or production and particularly the fast formation of emulsions. But the decisive advantage is that IMWITOR® 375 can be applied cold. And that is very conducive to speed. Through its use in a “cold process”, the user saves time and consumers enjoy the benefit of quick absorption into the skin, e.g. when it is used in creams.  IMWITOR® 375 creates delightfully light textures that have a long-lasting velvety feel and are extremely skin-friendly.
IMWITOR® 375 functions in the pH range from 4,5 – 10  and can emulsify oil up to 35%. It is ideal for natural and sustainable formulations with sensory properties that appeal to consumers.

Make use of the advantages our Formulator’s Must Have offers and get to know IOI OLEO GmbH’s versatile and universal star. Let yourself be inspired!

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller is Application Engineer in the CARE Studio. She is a graduate of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where she received an Engineer’s degree in Cosmetic and Detergent Technologies. Before joining IOI, Insa worked at LR Health & Beauty, developing skin care products. Insa is fascinated by the world of cosmetics and is always up to date on the latest fashion trends. After work, she is currently doing a Master’s course in Sales and Marketing at the Wismar University of Applied Sciences.