EXPRESS YOURSELF! IOI Color Care inspirations

9. August 2023

The dynamic world of the cosmetics industry is a fascinating playing field where culture, personal expression and technological advancement lead to an ever-evolving array of trends. Barbiecore, gender fluidity, K-pop, K-drama and hybrid cosmetics are clearly more than just short-lived phenomena. They symbolize a decisive change in the way we perceive and express ourselves. This change goes far beyond the purely aesthetic and affects us on a deep, personal level.

As a formulator, you play a crucial role – you are not just a manufacturer of products, but a creative designer of tomorrow’s trends. And exactly where creativity is needed, IOI Oleo GmbH offers a solid, reliable anchor. We not only witness these trends, but also inspire them with our products. We express this with tailor-made formulations:

Soft & buttery powder for brows, eyes and contour, easy to apply, buildable intensity

This powder requires less than 10% binder. MIGLYOL® 829 ECO provides the extra soft touch, while SOFTISAN® GC8 improves antimicrobial stability.The powder can be easily applied several times with the fingers or a brush to increase intensity. The high colour payoff and buttery touch (thanks to MIGLYOL® 829 ECO) make it the new favourite for eyebrows, lids or cheekbones.The Brow Powder is vegan and formulated with over 96% natural ingredients. It contains no preservatives or fragrances and perfectly fits  the Gender fluidity and Ageless concepts.

Our Star-Ingredient – MIGLYOL® 829 ECO

MIGLYOL® 829 ECO has a similarly high viscosity as castor oil and serves as a wetting agent for pigments. At the same time, with only 9% in this formulation, it acts as a binder and provides increased stability of the powder after pressing.

→ We have had current data compiled based on our new definition of sensorial technology. Simply contact us to receive it.

Further Benefits:

  • SOFTISAN® GC8 has an antibacterial effect and supports wetting performance
  • Easy to apply, buildable intensity
  • Vegan, mica-free concept with over 96% natural ingredients
  • Efficient: “one-pot cold process

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Mild O/W Mascara, defines and coats every lash

This mascara is an O/W formulation with a water content of less than 50%. The use of SOFTISAN® 649 reduces “crumbling” and, in combination with the vegan waxes, increases water resistance.The addition of cellulose fibres makes the lashes full and dense. At the same time, each individual lash is wetted to prevent “fly legs”. And the formulation is easy to apply.The eyes are a sensitive area and so the formulation consists of over 98% natural ingredients. The emulsifier used is our mild IMWITOR® 375, known from the pharmaceutical, nutrition and baby care applications.

Our Star-Ingredient – SOFTISAN® 649

This vegan multifunctional forms a strong and flexible film, contributes to water resistance and prevents crumbling of the mascara.

Contact us to learn more about our vegan film protector.

Further Benefits:

  • Developed for sensitive skin (no fragrances, natural ingredients)
  • Low water phase yet stable
  • Compatible with alternative preservative systems
  • Base, e.g. for Brow, Beard and Hair Mascara

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Anhydrous melt-on-touch balm coloring lip, cheek and eyes for soft, moisturized and rosy red skin

Anhydrous formulation is stabilized by SOFTISAN® 154. This solid lipid, in combination with the waxes used, also ensures the perfect melting point during application. As a polar emollient, MIGLYOL® 8810 wets the pigments used and makes application particularly pleasant …The balm melts on contact with the finger and can be easily applied with it or a brush.  The 2in1 formulation easily manages the balancing act between a powdery, non-oily feel as a blush on the cheeks and nourishing care for the lips – MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO always provides a water-light touch, perfect for the Asian market.We paid special attention to ingredients in this formulation, creating a vegan and 98% natural balm.

Our Star-Ingredient – MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO

This emollient feels as light as water, which is due to its medium “diffusion” and high lubricity. Its high polarity supports the wetting properties.

→ Read here how to design your Signature Touch.

Weitere Benefits:

  • Travel-friendly (2-in-1 Formulierung, perfekt für verschiedene Klimazonen)
  • Vegan und zu 98% natürlich
  • Stabile Formulierung, die erst bei Berührung sanft schmilzt
  • Effizient: one-pot-process und keine Kühlung notwendig nach dem Abfüllen

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Melting-on-touch anhydrous highlighting balm with soft, non-oily skin feel

Just about 4% SOFTISAN® 154 is sufficient to ensure that this waterless concept remains stable and glides on smoothly. In addition to improved stability, the melting and spreading cascade of waxes and oils ensures foolproof application and an elegant sensory feel. Reliable wetting of the pigments is achieved by adding MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO.This concept is based on the chassis of the “Color your life! Lip & Cheek Balm” and yet feels completely different. SOFTISAN® 378 brings the familiar “melting-on-touch” behaviour. The highlighter can be applied precisely, blended easily and leaves the skin feeling soft and non-oily − not only on the face, but also on the décolleté or shoulders. MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO also leaves a water-light feel in this formulation.The multifunctionals SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR and SOFTISAN® 649 provide care, improved skin hydration plus a strengthened skin barrier and support the trendy “glass skin” or “glazed donut skin” look. In addition, the concept is water-free, vegan and formulated with over 99% natural ingredients.

Our Star-Ingredient – MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO

As with the Lip & Cheek Balm, the formulation benefits from the high polarity of our Star Ingredient, which improves wetting. Even without water, the formulation does not feel oily.

See for yourself and request a sample.

Further Benefits:

  • Over 99% natural ingredients, vegan
  • With synthetic mica
  • Hybrid formulation (Color & Care – Skin Moisturisation)
  • One technology – many extensions

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These four formulations have it all. They combine the demand for cosmetics that are as natural as possible and offer several benefits at once (color + care) with the expression of one’s own personality through the skilful use of pigments. These formulations can be used as a basis, without constraints on your imagination. Talk to us about your interpretation of the latest trends and find out how we can turn the idea into reality.

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller has a background in cosmetic chemistry and marketing. Before joining IOI, she gained experience in B2C product development (skin care) and production. After a position as sales manager (german-speaking countries), Insa moved to the CARE Studio, IOI Oleo's in-house showroom and application lab in Hamburg, as an application engineer. Since graduating with a degree in marketing, she also works as technical marketing. Insa has a passion for cosmetics, fashion and trends and enjoys going for a run.