MIGLYOL® and IMWITOR® as benchmarks in veterinary formulations

2. September 2020

The health situation of companion and farm animals worldwide has developed and improved significantly in recent years. That is very largely due, on the one hand, to pharmaceutical products as well as biological and medically prescribed nutritional supplements and, on the other hand, to the raw materials used. And here too IOI Oleo GmbH’s “Pharma” business unit with its specialties has a role to play.

With regard to quality and regulatory aspects, MIGLYOL® and IMWITOR® are the benchmark for functional lipids as high-purity carrier oils, solubilisers and penetration enhancers in veterinary formulations for companion and farm animals.

Following the trend towards green chemistry, the plant-based excipients and active ingredients in our portfolio are used in infusions and injectables, for pour-on / spot-on solutions, as parasite repellents and, of course, in oral dosage forms. Particularly easy-to-give concepts such as chewable tablets and liquids are gaining importance in this growing market. In accordance with the precautionary principle, the German Federal Environment Agency calls for action to already be taken at the start of the causal chain. Environmental aspects, for instance improved degradability, are to be placed at the forefront even during the development of medications (click here for the article).

Whether intended for human or animal health, the highest product purity plus the safety and compliance of the raw materials used are the fundament of every reliable final product of consistent best quality. Our commitment is underlined by the repeated attestation of good manufacturing practice (EU GMP Certification) and approval by the US FDA.

An outstanding product fit, the highest quality standards and a growing market – 3 good reasons for our new „EXCIPIENTS FOR VETERINARY APPLICATION“ brochure! It provides an ideal overview of our veterinary products already widely used.

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René Beyer

René Beyer has been a member of our Pharma team since 2014. As Head of Strategic Sales, his responsibilities include looking after our major industrial customers. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, René has gained extensive expertise in the areas of Sales, Purchasing and Business Development in different companies. With this background, he is a competent contact partner for all commercial, quality and regulatory questions. For him service is not just a word, but lived practice.

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