Lipid-based excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients „Made in Germany“ – you can rely on us.

Decades of experience and expertise shape today`s quality of our specialties and drive new product developments and operational excellence.
As a result, our brand names are considered all over the globe as the benchmark in parenteral nutrition as well as topical, oral, rectal applications and animal health.

Quality, compliance, functionality and technical support are the cornerstones of the day-to-day cooperation with customers and partners.
Our dedication and strict commitment to highest product purity and safety are reflected every day in the effort of our employees and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

The repeated confirmation of our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the responsible competent German authority and the US-FDA acknowledge our intention to deliver quality leadership to the healthcare industry.

Brands with tradition


  • DYNASAN® Purified monoacid triglycerides 

  • IMWITOR® Highly functionalized lipids for drug delivery systems

  • MIGLYOL® Reference-quality C8 – C10 esters for pharma formulations

  • SOFTIGEN® Compendial liquid solubilizer

  • SOFTISAN® Specialties for topical and oral applications

  • WITEPSOL® Benchmark hard fats for suppositories and ovules

Lipid-based excipients made in Germany, manufactured in our EU GMP-certified and US FDA-approved production facility


Here you will find an overview of our products from the “Pharma” range.
You can filter the products according to specific attributes.


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  • Product name

    Chemical description / monograph name


  • Product name:
    DYNASAN® 114
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Solid triglycerides - Triglycerides with higher Melting Point
  • Product name:
    DYNASAN® 116
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Solid triglycerides - Triglycerides with higher Melting Point
  • Product name:
    DYNASAN® 118
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    USP-NF: Glyceryl Tristearate
    Solid triglycerides - Triglycerides with higher Melting Point
  • Product name:
    IMWITOR® 308
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Ph. Eur.: Glycerol Monocaprylate, Type II
    Partial Glycerides - Medium Chain Partial Glycerides
  • Product name:
    IMWITOR® 372 P
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Glyceryl Stearate Citrate
    Emulsifiers - O/W Emulsifiers


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Core competence innovation: The R&D department of IOI Oleo GmbH

By |1. April 2024|Company, General, Nutrition, Personal Care, Pharma, Technical Applications|

IOI Oleo GmbH is known for its high-quality oleochemical specialties and is regarded as a benchmark in many areas. To achieve and maintain this status, continuous work on existing products and innovations is required, as market requirements are changing rapidly. For this reason, we have built up a 14-strong R&D team and equipped it with the latest technology in order to be able to react proactively to trends and customer requirements.

Regulatory innovations – Milestones for the Chinese market – IMWITOR® 742, MIGYLOL® 810 N & MIGLYOL® 812 N

By |30. January 2024|Pharma|

The filing of two further dossiers with the Chinese NMPA* represents an outstanding milestone for customers in the Chinese market. From now on, manufacturers and exporters of finished pharmaceutical products can refer to these dossiers in their application documents. Our Regulatory Affairs department will issue your "Letter of Access" on request.

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CEP 2.0 completely new? Effects on the quality and layout of the certificate

By |8. December 2023|Pharma|

The high quality that we strive for in our portfolio is also reflected in our service. One aspect of this service is to make the usage of our excipients as simple and safe as possible; hence, we have selected products certified by the "European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare" (EDQM). The recent renewal of the certification system brings with it a number of improvements and changes.

Polymorphism in Lipids: Influence and Control in Pharmaceutical Applications

By |20. October 2023|Pharma|

Polymorphism is a fundamental phenomenon observed in lipid materials, encompassing a diverse group of biomolecules such as fats, oils, and phospholipids. This phenomenon refers to the ability of lipids to exist in multiple structurally distinct states of crystallinity. Polymorphism in lipid materials has significant implications, e.g. in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Controlling lipid polymorphism can be of paramount importance in the development of lipid-based drug delivery systems.

Meet our experts at the trade fairs CPHI and AAPS

By |25. September 2023|Pharma, Trade Fairs|

This year again, our team of experts from the Pharma business unit is once again participating in two of the most important trade fairs in the pharmaceutical industry: "CPhI" in Barcelona and "AAPS PharmSci 360" in Orlando. We use these stages to present ourselves in terms of sustainability, innovation and quality. Take the opportunity, make an appointment and meet our concentrated expertise on site.

Sensorially appealing, sustainable and regulatory compliant formulation ensures the success of topical applications

By |7. August 2023|Pharma|

The topical therapy approach is the first choice for skin diseases. However, in order to ensure the intended therapeutic success, the patient’s cooperation is indispensable - especially in the case of chronic diseases. A pleasant skin feeling is the prerequisite for enabling the patient to use creams or ointments in compliance with the prescription. The combination of uncompromisingly high quality and pleasant skin feeling is therefore of decisive importance for the Pharma business unit of IOI Oleo GmbH.

Peroxide value as a further indicator of the shelf life of lipid excipients

By |10. May 2023|Pharma|

IOI Oleo GmbH enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality, lipid-based additives. In order to ensure that we maintain our standards for the highest quality and to comply with the guideline values of national and international pharmacopoeias, we attach great importance to the selection of the raw materials and suppliers we use as well as state-of-the-art production processes at our locations in Germany. In this context, the peroxide value (PV) can be used as a key indicator of the rancidity of lipids and is used by pharmaceutical companies as an indicator of the quality of their excipients.

SOFTIGEN® 767 as a solubilizer & penetration enhancer for topical applications

By |10. February 2023|Pharma|

In the topical application of drugs and for their therapeutic success, the development or the selection of the formulation of the active ingredient carrier is of crucial importance. IOI Oleo GmbH is committed to the production of lipidic excipients of the highest quality, which have been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. The multifunctional product SOFTIGEN® 767 solubilizes active ingredients and at the same time has a moisturizing effect - an optimal combination for topical formulations.


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