Business Unit “Technical Applications” introduces itself

22. August 2020

Susanne Peters puts down the spatula, checks the sample weight and notes it down on a printed form. She closes the capsule in a routinely way and takes the prepared sample to the analyser. Just two clicks and a few strokes on the keyboard and the result of the automatic weighing process is stored.

Ms Peters has been responsible for production planning and technical support in the Business Unit Technical Applications at IOI Oleo GmbH since 1986. “How are the samples in the drying cabinet doing?”, her colleague Bettina Schröer asks, who is also an institution within the department. The combined professional experience of these two trained laboratory technicians is 67 years. “Another two hours”, answers Ms Schröer, after a glance at the documents. Next to her work station at the other end of the laboratory a humming sound can be heard as a pump starts up. Bottled powder and samples are ready to be processed in laboratory tests. Ms Schöer’s expertise includes product development, which is a central element of the Business Unit’s business.

“We provide solutions that are biodegradable and based on renewable raw materials to customers in the plastic processing and metalworking industries and also support them in specific issues concerning the technical application. Technical support and an understanding of the customers’ requirements are essential and the basis for lasting and successful business relationships”,

explains Torsten Weigt, Head of the Business Unit, who has been in charge of the commercial side of business development for technical applications for many years now.

Besides customer orientation and technical know-how of the manufacture of components for expanded polystyrene (EPS) and lubricants for metal processing, the focus of the business unit is primarily on flexibility and short decision-making paths.

The processes within the small team run smoothly due to their decades of experience. This also enabled Dr Andreas Wintzer to get off to a good start as a new team member in the Business Unit in 2018. As Technical Product Manager, he is the contact person for technical and technological matters and responsible for processes in the laboratory. “Communication is, of course, much easier in a team of four than in a huge team. In combination with the wealth of technical experience in this BU, it makes us very efficient in our work. Our customers appreciate this advantage but particularly our quality”, Dr Wintzer sums it up.

The main emphasis of the development work is on the current business areas in the manufacture of EPS and the production of packaging and insulation material for the building industry, as well as the aluminium processing industry. The product catalogue gives a good impression of the broad range of solutions created in this department at IOI Oleo GmbH. But new projects are always welcome and many are already being pursued. Torsten Weigt puts it in a nutshell:

“Particularly through talking directly with customers, listening closely and asking the right questions, it becomes clear where we can provide solutions and support. This is a key factor for creating successful cooperation.”

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Dr. Andreas Wintzer

Dr. Andreas Wintzer is Technical Product Manager in the Technical Applications Business Unit at IOI Oleo GmbH. He studied Chemistry at TU Dortmund University with an emphasis on technical chemistry, particularly in the area of renewable raw materials. The extensive knowledge he acquired during his studies is the perfect basis for his work at IOI. Before joining IOI Oleo GmbH, Andreas completed a trainee programme at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, then gained production experience as a technologist at Papierfabrik Hagen, which at the time belonged to the Stora Enso group. He enjoys sports, regularly rides to work by bike and preferably spends his leisure time with his family or friends.