Diversity MCT: A thousand and one Applications

14. May 2021

“A thousand and one possible applications”: If you were to fly with the magic carpet over the roofs of Agrabah, you would surely get a better idea of the oriental diversity of the Middle East than by simply strolling through the streets.  

Just as the fictional Agrabah from Disney’s Aladdin represents the infinite versatility of the Middle East, for us our MCT oils reflects the different industries and their requirements. Our extensive portfolio includes cross-business-unit overlaps: from technical applications to pharmaceuticals to personal care and nutrition.

The variety of MCT applications inspires us every day!

MCT oils are triglycerides that contain medium-chain fatty acids. These saturated fatty acids are mainly found in vegetable fats such as coconut oil and palm oil. In nature, MCT oil only occurs in mixtures with other triglycerides. At our production sites in Witten and Wittenberge in Germany, IOI Oleo GmbH produces special MCTs and sells them worldwide under the brand names MIGLYOL® and WITARIX® – Made in Germany!

Our MCTs are available for use in nearly every industry and application: whether as a lubricant, for the pharmaceutical sector, in cosmetic products or for the production of food. Of course, always taking into account the special requirements, such as clean room filling for the pharmaceutical sector and the necessary certifications for all industries.

But what makes our MCTs such an all-rounder?




Cannot resinify



Good spreading

With SOFTENOL® 3108, our colleagues in the Technical Applications business unit offer a food-grade lubricant for machinability in chocolate production. Our MIGLYOL® 812 N is available as a carrier oil for cannabinoids. WITARIX® MCT C8 is among other properties a “Sensory Transformer” for skin products and is valued for its possible applications and reliability. Because of the advantages mentioned, MCTs are indispensable in the field of nutrition. For example, WITARIX® MCT C8 can be used as a high-quality energy boost for morning coffee: With a little butter and a little WITARIX® MCT C8, it becomes an energising, so-called bulletproof coffee.

And while we’re on the subject of coffee: MCT oils are not only helpful for a ketonic diet; they are also used as release agents and brighteners. They function as carriers for flavours and fragrances too and can be applied to solubilise vitamins. Speaking of release agents and brighteners: Even gumdrops and gummy bears are protected from sticking together and are given the shine they deserve. During production, the moulds of the bears are stamped in a powder; the tasty, gummy bear mass is  poured into these moulds. After cooling down, the bears must be freed from the powder and transformed into the shiny final product with the aid of MCT oil and natural waxes. Here the good spreadability plays a key role: Due to the low viscosity, only a few drops are sufficient for a huge surface.

We are certain that the right use for your needs is among the “Thousand and one Applications”. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about food production. We look forward to interesting discussions.

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Ulrike Stegger

Ulrike Stegger is Product Manager Nutrition at IOI Oleo GmbH. She joined the company in 2012 following positions in consulting and sales in well-known medium-sized and international firms. She has gained a wealth of experience with the most diverse raw materials – from lecithins and phospholipids to starches and hydrocolloids right through to monodiglycerides and MCT oils – and their modes of action in the production of food and nutritional supplements. Ulrike is the mother of a son and is interested in sports.