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13. August 2020

Intensive research on cannabis-based medicines began 20 years ago, and in Germany a cannabis extract was approved under pharmaceutical law for the first time in 2011.

The growing acceptance among customers and patients encourages market researchers to forecast outstanding growth potential for cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis-based products. Experts believe that the European market for CBD, which is primarily served with formulated, processed products, will grow by 400% in the coming years. Reason enough for the team at IOI Oleo GmbH to address this topic because vegetable-based oils are suitable carrier oils for cannabinoids.
IOI Oleo GmbH’s portfolio with internationally known brands such as MIGLYOL®IMWITOR®SOFTISAN® and WITEPSOL® offers an excellent technical fit and provides answers to key questions in the formulation of cannabinoids with regard to solubilisation of the active ingredients and stability of the products. Natural, vegetable oils are, however, prone to chemical change or oxygen and light-induced ageing. The shelf life of formulated products is significantly reduced through rancidity, i.e. a change in colour, taste and odour. Negative user experiences and feedback in connection with an instable or spoilt product pose a risk for the reputation of a consumer and patient brand that should not be underestimated. In this context, Rancimat tests are an established method of assessing the oxidative stability of fats, oils and lipid-based preparations.
The linked technical article contains a study comparing the typical carrier lipids for oily cannabis tinctures. The examined oils are already used in commercial products and are suitable solvents for cannabis extracts. However, under the effects of stress caused by temperature, light and oxygen, only IOI Oleo GmbH’s  MIGLYOL® 812 N remains practically unchanged. The findings suggest that the formulation of a product with MIGLYOL® 812 N contributes to product stability and a good shelf life and that no additional stabilisation of the carrier oil is necessary. This helps to maintain the effectiveness of the end product throughout its entire life cycle. Even in the case of repeated extraction cycles during which the formulation comes into contact with air, MIGLYOL® 812 N produces a consistent, satisfactory result, as expected.

More information can be found in the linked specialist article, which deals with the collected performance data and the unique characteristics of MIGLYOL® 812 N in comparison with other typical carrier oils in CBD tinctures. If you have any further questions, please contact Robert Radsziwil at

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Robert Radsziwill

Robert Radsziwill joined IOI Oleo GmbH in 2019 as Sales Manager Europe in the Pharma division. Prior to joining IOI Oleo Pharma, Robert held technical and commercial roles in sales and product management for nine years at a supplier of raw materials to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. Through his experience with materials for pharmaceutical use and medical devices, Robert has contributed to the successful initiation and completion of new product development projects with industrial and academic partners in the Healthcare sector. Understanding, ranking and navigating technical, functional and regulatory concerns are paramount for him during early project ideation and material selection to ensure success for all project participants. Robert earned his diploma degree in Business Chemistry at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-University of Münster and has focused ever since on those disciplinary interfaces where technical and commercial minds join forces to innovate and improve the status quo.