Oleochemical specialties to enhance your recipes for success

Vegan, low carb, sugar-free, ready to go, sustainably produced – hardly any other industry has to meet such high and steadily growing demands as those that consumers make on the food production industry today. With considerable experience, sound product knowledge and a varied portfolio of MCTs and other oleochemicals, we serve our customers as reliable partners.

The versatile MCT oils produced at our two production sites in Germany and marketed worldwide under the well-known WITARIX® and MIGLYOL® brand names form a particular focus of our product range. Whether as carriers for flavours or vitamins, as glazing and coating agents or as components of dietary and ketogenic nutrition – our MCT oils can be adapted exactly to the respective requirements.
These medium-chain triglycerides are available in a large variety of grades. Besides products based on palm oil – on request, naturally RSPO-certified – palm oil-free varieties made of coconut and/or rapeseed oil are also available.

In addition, our WITAFROL® defoamers and IMWITOR® emulsifiers including special CITREM and DATEM products help to optimize your manufacturing processes. We also produce individual products in smaller quantities if required, thus giving our customers maximum flexibility in the development of innovative offerings.

Hard fats with perfect melting points − from our WITOCAN® series, among others − round out our portfolio.

Our Nutrition Division offers you more than just an oleochemical product range. Our many years of experience in the market, our specialised production plants and our expertise enable us to offer you maximum flexibility, absolute reliability and a high degree of supply readiness.

If you are looking for the best quality “made in Germany”, good service and committed specialists, we are your right choice.

Our brands

We offer vegetable raw materials for high-quality formulations.

We offer products adapted exactly to the diverse requirements of our customers in the food and nutritional supplement industry. Our products combine a natural origin, effectiveness and functionality.

Our brands stand for continuous specialized performance and proven quality. Our experience in production ensures perceivable benefits in your final formulation and your processes.


Here you will find an overview of our products from the “Nutrition” range.
You can filter the products according to specific attributes.


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  • Product name:
    DYNACET® 285
    E 472a
    Release Agent / Lubricant
  • Product name:
    IMWITOR® 1339 P
    E 472e/E 170
  • Product name:
    IMWITOR® 2025
    E 472e
  • Product name:
    IMWITOR® 372 P
    E 472b/E 472c
  • Product name:
    IMWITOR® 375
    E 472b/E 472c


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