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Performance chemicals for technical applications

IOI Oleo offers a range of products for technical applications under the brand name SOFTENOL.® Our products are based on renewable raw materials and developed for the following markets:

  1. Lubrication

    SOFTENOL® 3108 is a biodegradable lubricant which drastically reduces friction between cable and cable duct when telecommunication cables are laid.

  2. Metal-working

    SOFTENOL® 3829 is a heat-resistant lubricant of high oxidative stability, which is used in deep drawing, stamping, bending or embossing of aluminium or tinplate foils.

  3. Plastic processing additives

    IOI Oleo GmbH provides a wide range of components needed for the formulation of EPS coating additives. As a special service for that industry, IOI Oleo GmbH develops customer-specific ready-to-use blends, which guarantee an optimized performance of the individual EPS type.


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There is a world that remains hidden from most people - the fascinating world of surfaces on a microscopic level. In the "Technical Applications" business unit of IOI Oleo GmbH, we use the latest technologies every day in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible quality and innovation. One of these technologies, which plays a crucial role in our everyday work, is scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

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Between regular meetings, urgent orders and video meetings, scanning electron microscope images are evaluated in order to further optimize performance in EPS production. The team in the Technical Applications Business Unit does everything they can to bring our customers’ individual blends to perfection so that the finished products meet the highest standards.

A Day in the Technical Applications Team

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In between virtual meetings, inquiries, offers and production planning, there must be enough time and quiet for the development of individual customer solutions. This juggling is part of the day-to-day business of the Technical Applications business unit at IOI Oleo GmbH. Immerse yourself in a completely normal working day!

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SOFTENOL® 3829 to increase efficiency in aluminium processing

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The global balance in trade has been permanently disrupted by the corona pandemic, and Russia’s war against Ukraine is doing the rest. Due to the poor availability of gas, this has recently led to dramatically increasing energy costs, which is particularly problematic for the energy-consuming aluminium production. Our SOFTENOL® 3829 doesn’t help to reduce energy prices, but it does ensure that aluminium is processed more efficiently and therefore more cost-effectively in different ways. For example, for the production of menu trays for convenience meals.

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The Technical Applications Business Unit of IOI Oleo GmbH shows what it means to realize customers’ requirements. The team develops ready-to-use blends for the production of EPS based on customer requirements, the machines used and the desired final product properties. In this article you will learn what advantages these blends have for your production.

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Convenience is King. Ready-to-eat meals are becoming more and more popular. That is evident from the growing demand for aluminium packaging for this segment. To produce this packaging, you need lubricants. The following article explains why IOI Oleo GmbH is regarded as the leading supplier of these solutions.


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