Very close to the consumer: We live sustainability! WITARIX® MCT 60/40 goes SG

25. May 2021

Consumers’ understanding of ecological sustainability and the associated will for environmentally conscious behaviour is a great development in our society. Consumers demand resource conservation and the respectful treatment of nature. This shift in the perception of our consumption is fantastic – and we live it, every single day. And we do so with such vigour that our WITARIX® MCT 60/40 is now SG certified!

Whether cosmetics, chocolate or detergents: palm oil is the most important vegetable oil, with a third of the total oil consumption worldwide and demand is continuously increasing! At the same time, the industrial use of palm oil still has a negative smack in some cases. For us at IOI Oleo GmbH it is therefore all the more important that the palm oil is produced on a verifiably sustainable basis   and under ecological and social aspects. Because, compared to other oil crops such as coconut, sunflower or rapeseed, palm oil has the highest oil yield per hectare.

Our product range of our Personal Care Standards containing palm and palm kernel oil is MB certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. Moreover, with WITARIX® MCT 60/40 we have achieved the „next level“ in terms of sustainability:

We are one of the first manufacturers to now also offer WITARIX® MCT 60 / 40 as an RSPO SG (Segregated) certified product.

We already reported about the RSPO, of which we are a founding member. For classification, you can find the RSPO certification levels here:

WITARIX® MCT 60/40 SG, the absolute star in IOI Oleo GmbH’s firmament,  brings our customers a big step closer to meeting consumers‘ demands. Our WITARIX® MCT 60/40 has not just become a “pro” of its kind today. We now derive MCT as follows:

Multi-purpose, Cost-effective, Trustable … 100%

WITARIX® MCT 60/40 is the reliable partner you can count on. Easy to combine, versatile, stable against oxidation and odourless − no wonder that this emollient is the basis of many formulations. Our product is very cost-effective, despite its complex production process. WITARIX® MCT 60/40 offers a pleasant, rich skin sensation and a non-waxy after-feel. When combined with other emollients, it releases its true strength. From light and silky to rich and luxurious, WITARIX® MCT 60/40 is the perfect base to guarantee a great skin effect.

  • Medium spreading

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Compatible with other oils

  • Suitable for hot and cold processing

  • Vegan

  • 100% natural (ISO 16128)

  • 100% sustainable

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-aquatoxic

  • Safe (edible)

With the new certification level of our product, we are not only getting closer to our goals in terms of sustainability, but we are also fulfilling the wishes of consumers by offering those certified products to our customers.

The first batch has been produced, and we are ready to go! Set the standard for tomorrow with us today! If you know WITARIX® MCT 60/40 in the MB variant and learned to love it because it simply works, then you can easily replace it with the SG variant without further testing as both have the same chemical and physical properties. End consumers will appreciate this commitment. We would be happy to provide you with further information on the subject of sustainability and segregation. Because we take the time for sustainability and the protection of our planet.

You can find out more about our sustainability activities on our blog, for example our green electricity initiative or our “Back To Nature” campaign.

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Aurélien Tahon

Aurelien Tahon is Head of Application Development and Technical Product Management Personal Care at IOI Oleo GmbH. He is a graduate of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, where he received a degree in Chemical Engineering . Aurelien worked in various positions (Hair Care formulator, R&D Raw Material Scouting and Global Strategic Procurement) within the Beiersdorf group for 15 years before joining IOI Oleo GmbH. He is passionate about music and loves to spend time with his 3 daughters.