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14. September 2020

MCTs – medium-chain triglycerides with a chain length of C6-C10 – have, among other things through studies by Nagac and Yanagita (2010), attracted the attention of the public for the treatment of overweight.  MCT oils differ from customary dietary fats. Above all, they are easily absorbed by the intestines and are transported directly to the liver, where they are quickly broken down. This means that absorption takes place independent of bile acids and lipolytic enzymes ( Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (German Nutrition Society)).

Their positive dietary effect is one reason why MCT oils are often used in food and nutritional supplements. Whether as carriers for flavours or vitamins, as glazing and coating agents or as components of special dietary and ketogenic nutrition – our MCT oils are ideal for the respective requirements.

IOI Oleo GmbH with its Nutrition business unit is one of the leading producers of MCTs in Europe. It operates state-of-the-art esterification plants at its production sites in Wittenberge and Witten with multi-step short-path distillation, as well as a highly efficient single plant for manufacturing MCT oils under the WITARIX® and MIGLYOL® brands.  This enables the sites to secure reliable and punctual delivery of the MCT oils they produce in a variety of grades for the most diverse requirements, but also to provide further special esters and additives for the food and nutritional supplements industry.

Production site Witten

Production site Wittenberge

In addition to MCT oils with a 60/40 ratio of C8-C10 fatty acids, we generally also produce products in a 70/30 ratio as well as pure MCT C8 products. On request, we also manufacture customer-specific MCT products in campaigns. While we procure the vegetable and sustainable raw materials from all over the world, our production is based in Germany.

IOI Oleo GmbH is RSPO (Round table for Sustainable Palm Oil) SCCS-certified and has also long committed itself locally in the “Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP)”. Naturally, our MCT oils based on palm kernel oil are therefore also available with RSPO certification. Palm-free varieties based on coconut are long-established items in our portfolio. We also use regional raw materials as far as possible.

And we offer our customers security of delivery through a broad variety in the supply of goods and the high quality standards at our production sites: with intensive analytical testing and all the necessary certifications −from those for food to pharmaceutical grades. Production, product expertise and safety, storage and delivery – all part of quality “Made in Germany”.

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Ulrike Stegger

Ulrike Stegger is Product Manager Nutrition at IOI Oleo GmbH. She joined the company in 2012 following positions in consulting and sales in well-known medium-sized and international firms. She has gained a wealth of experience with the most diverse raw materials – from lecithins and phospholipids to starches and hydrocolloids right through to monodiglycerides and MCT oils – and their modes of action in the production of food and nutritional supplements. Ulrike is the mother of a son and is interested in sports.