Summer, sun, sunshine – perfect care with SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR

25. July 2022

We associate summer with light clothing, a good mood and balmy, carefree evenings. However, the beautiful season can be demanding for our skin as high temperatures, salt water, chlorinated water and high UV radiation all have an effect on it. Therefore, special care of the skin during the summer is recommended. Our products SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR are ideal companions for the time in the sun (and of course also before and after).

The skin is our largest organ, has a highly complex structure and a lot to offer under its surface. Knowledge of the different layers and protective functions of the skin helps in the development of effective cosmetic products.

Structure of human skin

Our skin essentially consists of three layers: the subcutaneous tissue (subcutis), the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is also known as the skin barrier.

The skin barrier is the interface between the human organism and the environment and serves as a barrier both for external influences, such as UV rays, blue light or mechanical stress, and for water and small molecules from the inside to the outside. The skin barrier not only has to protect the body from external impacts, but is also responsible for maintaining the water balance (low TEWL). For beautiful, well-groomed and soft skin, the focus of cosmetics is primarily on the stratum corneum (the top layer of the epidermis), the epidermis and dermis, because they tell us whether our skin is dry or moisturized.

The cornerstones of summer skin care

Especially in summer, after being in the sun or bathing in salt water or chlorinated water, you need the right care to prevent dry skin. There are three basic pillars for the protection of the skin that are used in cosmetics:

  • Humectants, which bind water and hold it in the stratum corneum
  • Emollients, which soften the skin
  • Occlusives (film-forming ingredients), which reduce TEWL

Our ingredients SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR are not classic humectants, emollients or occlusive agents. However, they are still excellently suited to care for our skin. New studies by an independent laboratory show that these two products deliver on their promises.

The full results are available here:

You can find out all the details about the studies and their results for our products SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR directly from us:

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller has a background in cosmetic chemistry and marketing. Before joining IOI, she gained experience in B2C product development (skin care) and production. After a position as sales manager (german-speaking countries), Insa moved to the CARE Studio, IOI Oleo's in-house showroom and application lab in Hamburg, as an application engineer. Since graduating with a degree in marketing, she also works as technical marketing. Insa has a passion for cosmetics, fashion and trends and enjoys going for a run.