SOFTISAN® 649 – A Cocooning Shield for Skin and Hair in Wintry Weather

18. January 2021

A crackling fire in the fireplace, cosy slippers, hot cocoa or gluhwein and a few old movies – that’s more or less how many of us started the new year.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, and most of us were glad to see it come to an end. We are placing high hopes in the next 12 months – be it in our private or professional lives.

In the current situation, we are all forced to spend a lot of time within our own four walls: either working from home or in our leisure time. Especially now in this cold weather and dry indoor air, our skin needs a protective shield that envelops it like a cocoon and provides gentle care.

SOFTISAN® 649 is the ideal choice in this cold, harsh season.
It protects your skin from external influences and ensures that the moisture and elasticity of the skin is preserved.
Let’s step into the world of SOFTISAN® 649 to understand how this protective shield works:

Our R&D colleagues spent years developing the perfect formulation and were rewarded with a product that has extraordinary characteristics: it forms a strong film, strengthens the skin barrier through an occlusive effect and also provides a caring smooth skin feel – what more could you want?

At the same time, it is vegan, has a low color and odor profile and is skin and nature friendly. The raw material has two very exciting properties upon contact with water:

When mixed with water, it forms a kind of emulsion that binds water in its unique chemical 3D structure and releases it on the skin.

When applied to the skin, it protects it from contact with external influences. SOFTISAN® 649 acts like an umbrella, allowing water to roll off and protecting stressed skin.

SOFTISAN® 649 convinces with its universal applicability in the most diverse product categories. For instance, in classical leave-on skin care like body lotions and creams, lip products, colour care, sun care and hair care, but also in rinse-off formulations such as gel cleansers and soaps.

Let us inspire you with our elegant formulations for the winter season:

Soft & Silky W/O Cream No. 740 envelops your skin with a silky touch and strengthens the skin barrier.

Or perhaps a little more glamour? Then try Marble Kiss Lipstick No. 844 for a candlelight dinner at home – it unites the necessary portion of care for dry lips with an extravagant shade of red in an attractive marble design, creating a unique experience.

Equip your skin for the winter – simply get your sample of SOFTISAN® 649 via

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller is Application Engineer in the CARE Studio. She is a graduate of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where she received an Engineer’s degree in Cosmetic and Detergent Technologies. Before joining IOI, Insa worked at LR Health & Beauty, developing skin care products. Insa is fascinated by the world of cosmetics and is always up to date on the latest fashion trends. After work, she is currently doing a Master’s course in Sales and Marketing at the Wismar University of Applied Sciences.