SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 – The game changer with a soft touch

14. January 2022

The search for the next trend and highlight in the cosmetics industry is our stimulus. Of course, a wow effect is a must. With SOFTISAN® PG2 C10, we have an ingredient in our portfolio that can change everything.

Just imagine, the concept for the formulation of a rich and nourishing cream is created and a catchy name has also been found. The packaging from the graphics department promises long-lasting care with a WOW effect. But the consumer tests show a different picture. The product is found to be too waxy, too difficult to apply on the skin, and time is running out …

Let’s change the game!

Good news for you: just add 1 – 2 % SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 and increase the spreadability, reduce the waxy feeling, give the formulation a noticeably soft touch and comp another unexpected property (more on that later).

SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 is made from rapeseed, sunflower and castor oil, among other things, and corresponds to the INCI “Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate”. Like our two products SOFTISAN® 378 and WITARIX® MCT C8, SOFITSAN® PG2 C10 also transforms your formulation. Already 1 – 2 % lead to softer emulsions, changed texture and different pick-up.

For tests, we enriched a cream with 2 % SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 and compared it with a placebo cream. The creams were each applied to the forearm and evaluated during and after application.

Result – SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 leads to:

  • higher spreadability
  • less waxy sensory property
  • significantly improved „Soft-Touch-Feeling“
  • higher overall acceptance
  • Scale: 0 (low) – 7 (high)

We present: The unexpected Feature: SWEAT? No more …
SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 has an antibacterial effect

*against gram positive Bacteria

SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 has a mild antibacterial effect and is therefore also suitable for deodorants. Our ingredient works differently than aluminium for antiperspirants and does not block the pores but counteracts the formation of the unpleasant odour. Fresh sweat has a neutral smell; the typical odour is only caused by bacteria (such as Gram+ Corynebacterium xerosis), which break down the odourless sweat into odour-intensive molecules. With SOFTISAN® PG2 C10, natural deodorants can be formulated apart from the well-known actives (e.g., ACH).

Minimalist roll-on deodorant formulation with 0.5 % SOFTISAN® PG2 C10
Tested against Corynebacterium xerosis

SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 is effective against C. xerosis, which is responsible for the unpleasant smell.
Reduction rate of 4 log scales within 6 hours

The Game Changer with a Soft Touch


INCI Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate

APPEARANCE & COLOR Clear viscous liquid

PROPERTIES Texture and soft touch transformer, deodorizing, anti-bacterial-effect (gram positive bacteria), refatting, rinse-off


TEXTURES Milk – Lotion – Cream – Balm

DURING APPLICATION Changed pick-up & texture, more “jelly” look of the formula, higher spreading

AFTER-FEEL Soft touch, less waxiness, higher overall preference vs. placebo


GAME CHANGING Soft touch, texture and pick-up sensation in every formula

100% NATURAL BASED According to ISO 16128 NOI, renewable plant-based sourcing, vegan compatible

SAFE PROFILE Mild profile

SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 blends into almost any formulation. You can combine the raw material with all O/W emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers; there are no known incompatibilities with surfactants and preservatives. Our product can be used with oils and polymers, as well as with organic and inorganic UV filters.


Even the slightest use of SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 changes the game. For example, we recommend 0.5 – 2 % for O/W and water-free leave-on concepts, 1 – 3 % for rinse-off products and even clear formulations are possible with a concentration of 3 % in toiletries.

All benefits at a glance – SOFTISAN® PG2 C10:

Convince yourself with the following three formulations and experience the game changer with a soft touch – SOFTISAN® PG2 C10 up close

Get in (Soft) Touch with us, if you want to know more about our SOFTISAN® PG2 C10!

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller has a background in cosmetic chemistry and marketing. Before joining IOI, she gained experience in B2C product development (skin care) and production. After a position as sales manager (german-speaking countries), Insa moved to the CARE Studio, IOI Oleo's in-house showroom and application lab in Hamburg, as an application engineer. Since graduating with a degree in marketing, she also works as technical marketing. Insa has a passion for cosmetics, fashion and trends and enjoys going for a run.