IMWITOR 742® – The penetration enhancer and bioavailability booster for your API

7. March 2022

Improving bioavailability is a key challenge for formulators during development especially with poorly water-soluble drugs. It is a constant struggle in the pharma world to enable a satisfying drug dissolution profile using such APIs. The functional lipid IMWITOR® 742 can help overcome this challenge.

During the development of a pharmaceutical dosage form it often appears that the dissolution profile of your drug needs a boost to achieve the required results. This is a known problem for many formulators and developers.

The pharma business unit of IOI Oleo GmbH offers a variety of plant-derived mono-, di- and triglycerides for a wide range of dosage forms. Our IMWITOR® 742 is particularly versatile addressing multiple challenges, encountered with poorly water-soluble drugs during drug manufacture and uptake by the patient.

IMWITOR® 742 reveals the following multi-functional characteristics:

It acts as a solubilizer for a wide range of molecules

It works as a penetration enhancer if applied externally

It exhibits permeation enhancing properties due it’s high content of medium chain fatty acids, if used internally

This performance towards surface and tissue activity is achieved by monoester content of approx. 60 % and free hydroxyl groups along the backbone of the molecule. IMWITOR® 742 is “Generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) and thus suitable for oral uptake.

The chemical structure generates the advantageous properties but also creates a characteristic somewhat unpleasant taste profile, which should be taken into consideration by usage concentrations or application of suitable dosage forms like capsules (Read more about capsules in our blog “The Future of Capsules – Even better with IOI”).

With both, the oral as well as the topical route of administration IMWITOR® 742 will increase the bioavailability and it will enable you to dissolve poorly water-soluble drugs. Scientific approaches using the SEDDS formulation technique have shown that IMWITOR® 742 is an efficient tool to address the challenges of formulating actives that fall into class II and IV of the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS).

IMWITOR® 742 complies to the the requirements of Ph. Eur. “Glycerol Monocaprylocaprate” monograph as well as the  the USP-NF monograph “Glyceryl Monocaprylocaprate, type I” and is produced in our GMP certified facility in WITTEN/Germany (Read more about our GMP-Production in our blog). The quality of plant-based raw materials and the well-characterized manufacturing process result in a product with excellent purity, reproducible properties and consistent quality. Addressing the need for functional consistency for galenic experts as well as material compliance needs from a quality perspective.

Our IMWITOR® 742 will faciliate the daily work of formulators who struggle with the handling of poorly water-soluble drugs and the development of pharmaceutical preparations or dosage forms.

IMWITOR® 742 is an excellent recommendation to developers, handling especially poorly water-soluble actives for development of new pharmaceutical dosage forms. Put us and our products to the test and let us convince you.

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Michael Plum

Michael Plum has been a member of our Pharma team since 1989. As Application Engineer, he is in close contact with our global industrial customers. With his background of more than 30 years of experience in the industry, he is a competent contact partner for any technical, regulatory or formulation related questions in the context of IOI’s pharmaceutical excipients. As an experienced and passionate home brewer, Michael Plum attaches great importance on the quality of his homemade products. He applies this setting on the technical related customer’s requests also in order to provide best support to our valued customers.