SOFTISAN® GC8 – The multifunctional Stabiliser

4. August 2021

If we look at the year 2021, one trend stands out:  hybrid cosmetics, which describes the goal of combining different care effects. The special thing about it: The benefits should complement and enhance each other within a single product; the choice of raw materials is key to achieving this. Here is where our 3-in-1 multitasker SOFTISAN® GC8 comes into play, making one plus one equal three (or four).

For example, a hybrid product not only provides intensive moisture, but also offers sun protection, pigments give the skin a fresh and natural look and antioxidants protect against external influences. Formulators are repeatedly faced with the following challenges:

  • How does the emulsion become more stable without the use of excessive preservatives?
  • How are the products made more natural or vegan without negatively affecting the antimicrobial effect?
  • How can pigments be better dispersed for an exceptionally homogeneous effect?

Each of these goals is a challenge – the implementation of all three in one product a brilliant achievement.

SOFTISAN® GC8 from the portfolio of the Personal Care business unit at IOI Oleo GmbH is the solution. The addition of only 2% of this multitasker has a variety of positive effects due to the high concentration of 88% C8 monoester.

Antimicrobial Booster

Effectively destroys the cell membrane of microorganisms, yet it is “non-toxic for aquatic life”.

Works very well against Gram +, Gram-, yeast and has a moderate effect against the formation of mould.

Stability Enhancer

The amphiphilic structure reduces the surface tension of the oil droplets. This causes the droplets to become smaller, which stabilises the emulsion.

The best stability is achieved with just 0.1% – 0.3% SOFTISAN® GC8.

Preservative Booster

SOFTISAN® GC8 boosts both conventional and alternative preservatives.

A series of tests has shown that our SOFTISAN® GC8 is ideally suited to almost all products and reveals its performance as a booster. It is compatible with all emulsifiers, oils and silicones, UV filters, pigments and surfactants. In addition, it has wetting properties in UV filters and pigments and can be used in both water-based and alcohol-based products − the best prerequisites for use in hybrid products.

Of course, hybrid cosmetics is not just about the combination of different effects but also about the economical use of resources and the use of sustainable raw materials. And we have an answer to these requirements too.


  • is 100% natural with an NOI index of 1.0 according to ISO 16128

  • is ECOCERT / COSMOS certified
  • is vegan and consists of renewable raw materials
  • is RSPO MB certified

  • is also available as a palm-free version (SOFTISAN® GC8 PalmFree)
  • can be used hot or cold, which saves energy
  • can be added to the oil or water phase, as well as in the post-emulsion process

Our SOFTISAN® GC8 can be used in a variety of ways and is effective even in low concentrations. To give you an idea of ​​how it works, we have put together some formulations:

Smooth Conditioning Hand Cream

The use of only 0.3% achieves
anti-microbial effects &
stabilizes emulsions

Have we made you curious about SOFTISAN® GC8? Then contact us and get to know all the facets of this product!

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Aurélien Tahon

Aurelien Tahon is Head of Application Development and Technical Product Management Personal Care at IOI Oleo GmbH. He is a graduate of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, where he received a degree in Chemical Engineering . Aurelien worked in various positions (Hair Care formulator, R&D Raw Material Scouting and Global Strategic Procurement) within the Beiersdorf group for 15 years before joining IOI Oleo GmbH. He is passionate about music and loves to spend time with his 3 daughters.