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Regulatory innovations – Milestones for the Chinese market – IMWITOR® 742, MIGYLOL® 810 N & MIGLYOL® 812 N

The filing of two further dossiers with the Chinese NMPA* represents an outstanding milestone for customers in the Chinese market. From now on, manufacturers and exporters of finished pharmaceutical products can refer to these dossiers in their application documents. Our Regulatory Affairs department will issue your "Letter of Access" on request.

30. January 2024|Pharma|

Our Award-Winning SOFTISAN® MagicPOWDER S

It's always exciting when real innovations enter the stage - but this is especially true in the beauty world, which is particularly keen to innovate, inspired by the ever-increasing demands of consumers. Today we have the pleasure of presenting one such innovation to you: SOFTISAN® MagicPOWDER S, winner of the "Best Ingredient Silver Award" at the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Asia. This innovative product not only stands for creative application possibilities, but also promises to significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles within just 30 minutes. Let's dive into the world of our SOFTISAN® MagicPOWDER S.

17. January 2024|General, Personal Care|

EPS and fine powder coatings – a love story

In 2024, expandable polystyrene (EPS) celebrates its anniversary: the 75th anniversary of its (accidental) discovery. A lot has happened since then and EPS is used in so many areas of our daily lives that it has become indispensable. Foodstuffs such as vegetables and fish are packaged in it to keep them cool, transportable and fresh for longer. Electronics, household appliances and furniture are wrapped in it for transportation to their destination to protect them from damage. And in the construction sector, EPS is used on building facades to provide efficient thermal insulation. This is just a small selection of the possible uses. Special fields of application, such as cool boxes for vaccines (see article: How SOFTENOL® is helping to contain the pandemic), round off the versatility of this material.

7. January 2024|Technical Applications|

CEP 2.0 completely new? Effects on the quality and layout of the certificate

The high quality that we strive for in our portfolio is also reflected in our service. One aspect of this service is to make the usage of our excipients as simple and safe as possible; hence, we have selected products certified by the "European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare" (EDQM). The recent renewal of the certification system brings with it a number of improvements and changes.

8. December 2023|Pharma|


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