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Performance is the key: IMWITOR® 2025

A standstill means a setback! That is why progress is our goal. That may sound like a cliché, but it is a top priority on the agenda at IOI Oleo: More performance? No problem! Well, clear the stage! We proudly present our new product IMWITOR® 2025.Our latest development has the same positive properties as IMWITOR® 2020, but ensures significantly better application. Performance is the key!

16. August 2021|Nutrition, Nutrition|

SOFTISAN® 649 – THE plant-based synthetic Lanolin Alternative

Lanolin or wool wax is a versatile ingredient and was used medicinally in ancient times. Lanolin is the secretion from sebum glands of sheep and is formed on the surface of their skin. However, the animals have to be treated with pesticides to protect them from parasites. The problem here is that these pesticides accumulate in the wool wax and can later lead to strong allergic reactions in users. This motivated IOI Oleo GmbH to develop a plant-based, synthetic alternative: et voila, SOFTISAN® 649 has since enriched our portfolio and has, among other things, made a name for itself as a lanolin substitute in the pharmaceutical industry.

12. August 2021|Pharma|

CL Analyser in Wittenberge for guaranteed top quality

IOI Oleo GmbH is one of the leading European suppliers of oleochemical specialties for almost all areas of daily life. Top quality is our credo! It is not only reflected in the product but is the essence of our holistic approach. Of course, we monitor the entire manufacturing process and test our products in compliance with the strictest requirements at various stages of the process. Thus, we have equipped our plant in Wittenberge with a so-called CI analyzer. We already analyse the raw materials and can guarantee the highest quality.

23. July 2021|Company, General|

IMWITOR® 372 P – An Evergreen that is second to none

The dream of every musician: to create a song that goes straight to the ear, sticks there for decades and establishes itself as an evergreen. Everyone knows the lyrics, the hit fits every mood and it simply belongs to every party. But to earn the title evergreen in the cosmetics world, many different criteria must be met. Our IMWITOR® achieved this and is now considered a “natural classic” among emulsifiers. Robust, reliable, renewable: The natural classic for your emulsions.

9. July 2021|General, Personal Care|


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