MIGLYOL 8810 – Walking on Sunshine

2021-03-21T20:10:44+01:0021. February 2021|Personal Care|

Those familiar joys of spring are back, our skin longs for the sun, the days are finally getting longer and warmer again. And the summer-sun-good-mood evergreen “Walking on Sunshine” has been part of every summer since 1985 - just like MIGLYOL® 8810.

Touching Technologies

2021-03-24T10:00:02+01:001. October 2020|Personal Care|

Cosmetic products and the skin may only meet for a short while …But the effect is decisive and long-lasting. At IOI Oleo GmbH, the team in the Personal Care business unit is currently committed to this fleeting moment under the motto of “Touching Technologies”. Learn all about the facets of the technologies behind this moment.

Touching Technologies: IMWITOR® 375

2020-09-14T12:50:35+02:0027. August 2020|Personal Care|

The Star in Creams, Lotions, Bath Oils, Sun Care and More IMWITOR®️ 375. Our Formulator’s Must Have. When we speak about a finely dispersed mixture of two liquids, we mean an emulsion in which droplets of one liquid are dispersed in the other liquid. IMWITOR®️ 375 is not only versatile but also fast; through its use in a “cold process”, the user saves a lot of time and the consumer enjoys the benefit of quick absorption into the skin. IMWITOR®️ 375 by IOI OLEO GmbH is the emulsifier star.

Care Studio goes YouTube

2020-08-24T10:54:58+02:003. August 2020|Personal Care|

2020 has not turned out as planned and expected. Thus, we cannot present new developments and formulations in our Care Studio as usual. But we wouldn't be the IOI Oleo GmbH if we didn't find ways to continue to publish trend-based formulations, formulation kits and ideas for creative further processing.

Cosmetagora 2020

2020-08-13T13:04:17+02:0018. January 2020|Personal Care, Trade Fairs|

The COSMET’AGORA is the French local trade show organized by the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC, Société Française de Cosmétologie). The show aims to present raw materials, new technologies, formulations and test methods, all related to the cosmetic industry, with a special focus on sensoriality and textures.

in-cosmetics 2019

2020-08-13T13:04:35+02:008. April 2019|Personal Care, Trade Fairs|

The in-cosmetics Global was held at the “Porte de Versailles” in Paris from 2nd to 4th of April 2019 with around 800 international exhibitors and 10.000 visitors from around the world. IOI Oleo GmbH’s Personal Care team presented twelve new formulations, developed by the CARE Studio, and one new raw material.

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