Core competence innovation: The R&D department of IOI Oleo GmbH

2024-04-12T12:49:46+02:001. April 2024|Company, General, Nutrition, Personal Care, Pharma, Technical Applications|

IOI Oleo GmbH is known for its high-quality oleochemical specialties and is regarded as a benchmark in many areas. To achieve and maintain this status, continuous work on existing products and innovations is required, as market requirements are changing rapidly. For this reason, we have built up a 14-strong R&D team and equipped it with the latest technology in order to be able to react proactively to trends and customer requirements.

Empowerment and Diversity: Women at IOI Oleo GmbH share their experiences on International Women’s Day

2023-04-18T12:27:33+02:0021. March 2023|Company, General|

Empowerment and diversity in the world of work: On International Women's Day, three of our talented female colleagues share their experiences and challenges. They themselves were also inspired by strong women. With IOI Oleo GmbH they have found an employer who is proud of people who go their own way and create an environment in which exactly that is possible.

Reinforcement for the IOI family – Four new colleagues in Asia

2022-03-29T14:33:32+02:0029. March 2022|Company|

Reliability and solution orientation are just two points that characterize IOI Oleo GmbH. Our aim is to work in partnership with you in order to be able to incorporate your needs into our daily effort. In order to be in even more direct contact with you, we have expanded our presence in Asia, one of our growth markets. We can now welcome four new colleagues to our ranks and introduce them here.

CL Analyser in Wittenberge for guaranteed top quality

2021-08-17T11:19:54+02:0023. July 2021|Company, General|

IOI Oleo GmbH is one of the leading European suppliers of oleochemical specialties for almost all areas of daily life. Top quality is our credo! It is not only reflected in the product but is the essence of our holistic approach. Of course, we monitor the entire manufacturing process and test our products in compliance with the strictest requirements at various stages of the process. Thus, we have equipped our plant in Wittenberge with a so-called CI analyzer. We already analyse the raw materials and can guarantee the highest quality.

IOI Academy – When words become reality

2021-04-21T15:49:57+02:0016. April 2021|Company, General|

An Award Ceremony as the Crowning Conclusion: On 14 April, the awards were presented for the best project papers on the topic of IOI Academy. Nine students from Macromedia University Hamburg had been dealing intensively with the topic of “IOI Academy” in the past months. Read now why we will continue to expand our cooperation with universities in the future.


2021-03-26T08:57:08+01:0016. February 2021|Company|

In 2016, the industrial division of CREMER Oleo GmbH was transferred to the IOI Group from Malaysia and IOI Oleo GmbH with the production sites in Witten, Wittenberge and the new headquarters in Hamburg was founded. On February 16, 2021, the event was celebrating its fifth anniversary. Happy Birthday to us: Wittenberge, Witten and Hamburg.

The Production Site Witten introduces itself

2020-11-19T12:15:38+01:0030. October 2020|Company|

The site in Witten has developed from its origin as “Märkische Seifen-Industrie GmbH” to a specialised chemical production site, with more than 150 IOI Oleo GmbH employees. From here, our products find their way to countries throughout the world. Learn more about the exciting history of our IOI Oleo GmbH plant in Witten.

New Design

2020-08-13T13:04:11+02:0023. April 2020|Company|

As from 04.05.2020, IOI Oleo GmbH will have a new look! Today marks the start of our new corporate design, created with great commitment and enthusiasm.

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