IMWITOR® 600 – Naturally soft emulsifier, for a perpetual caress

2021-11-16T10:46:42+01:008. November 2021|Personal Care|

A praline can undoubtedly be called the queen of chocolate specialties. And rightly so, because it usually consists of special flavour compositions and requires an elaborate and technically demanding production method. There is a critical moment in production – namely when the praline is covered with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. IMWITOR® 600 was created over 20 years ago precisely for this moment and has since become an integral part of the wonderful world of chocolate. Something that is suitable for pralines can also be transferred perfectly to cosmetics. Curious?

SOFTIGEN® 767: The Water-Loving Emollient

2021-10-11T13:56:22+02:005. October 2021|Personal Care|

With the revolution of the soap production in the 19th century, washing with soap was firmly established as a part of daily hygiene. However, the surfactants contained in soap weakened the skin’s natural barrier, and producers therefore began adding refatting ingredients. Our SOFTIGEN® 767 has already been used since the 1970s for refatting purposes, among others. However, this water-loving emollient has much more to offer and is also a gentle alternative to soap.

IMWITOR® 372 P – An Evergreen that is second to none

2021-07-27T10:29:26+02:009. July 2021|General, Personal Care|

The dream of every musician: to create a song that goes straight to the ear, sticks there for decades and establishes itself as an evergreen. Everyone knows the lyrics, the hit fits every mood and it simply belongs to every party. But to earn the title evergreen in the cosmetics world, many different criteria must be met. Our IMWITOR® achieved this and is now considered a “natural classic” among emulsifiers. Robust, reliable, renewable: The natural classic for your emulsions.

SOFTISAN® 378 – The „Melt-on-Touch“ Emollient

2021-06-17T12:23:01+02:0014. June 2021|Personal Care|

Everyone surely remembers their first great love - butterflies in your stomach, constantly walking on air and being in a chronically good mood. Why not just revive this feeling during your personal me-time and give your skin a little tender-loving care... This works best with our SOFTISAN® 378 - the gently melting emollient lets you melt away.

Very close to the consumer: We live sustainability! WITARIX® MCT 60/40 goes SG

2021-05-31T15:18:23+02:0025. May 2021|Personal Care|

Consumers' understanding of ecological sustainability and the associated will for environmentally conscious behaviour is a great development in our society. The consumer demands resource conservation and the fair treatment of nature. This shift of the view point of our consumption ist great – and we live it, every single day. And we live it so energetically, that our WITARIX® MCT 60/40 is now SG certified!

MIGLYOL 8810 – Walking on Sunshine

2022-04-22T11:42:29+02:0021. February 2021|Personal Care|

Those familiar joys of spring are back, our skin longs for the sun, the days are finally getting longer and warmer again. And the summer-sun-good-mood evergreen “Walking on Sunshine” has been part of every summer since 1985 - just like MIGLYOL® 8810.

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