Design your Signature Touch in Three Easy Steps!

2023-03-15T11:14:04+01:0021. February 2023|Personal Care|

The jar is open, the cream shines and exudes a pleasant scent. Now comes the moment of truth which decides whether you like it or not, whether it's a one-off purchase or a new favourite product. How does the cream feel? Is it light, greasy, rich, waxy or rather powdery? In this article you will learn how to create your "Signature Touch" in three steps.

MIGLYOL® Coco 810 – Dry Lightness, Premium Softness

2022-12-01T15:30:00+01:0017. November 2022|Personal Care|

"The richer, the more nourishing" − This is a misconception that persists. The right choice of emollients and oils is crucial for the care properties of formulations. MIGLYOL® Coco 810 creates the perfect balance − a light feeling on the skin with noticeable caring properties at the same time. Current studies carried out by an external laboratory show that our ingredient keeps what it promises.

CARE Studio by IOI Oleo GmbH – Designers of Touch & Technology

2022-09-28T11:29:48+02:0016. September 2022|Personal Care|

“To understand our customers, we need to think like consumers”. With this idea in mind, our desire for a state-of-the-art application laboratory and showroom in the heart of Hamburg grew four years ago. And it became reality! Since 2018, the team from the Personal Care Business Unit has been working enthusiastically on new formulations, providing customer support and contributing to the development of new raw materials. The lab workshops, to which we invite our partners and customers, are a special highlight for us.

Day Dreaming Kit – Start your Day right! PART 2

2022-09-06T14:59:39+02:0020. August 2022|Personal Care|

Why only wish your partner and colleagues “good morning”? – wish yourself one too! With a refreshing and motivating routine right after getting up. Freshly squeezed orange juice or rather a strong coffee ...? And the right body and face care is an absolute must. This should be fun but not too time consuming either − after all, who has time in the morning? This is exactly why we have developed four revitalizing formulations, two of which we would like to present in this article. In addition to our versatile evergreens, our Day Dreaming Kit also includes all the ingredients needed to create and experience these formulations. Start your day right, of course, with IOI.

Summer, sun, sunshine – perfect care with SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR

2022-07-29T12:55:00+02:0025. July 2022|General, Personal Care|

We associate summer with light clothing, a good mood and balmy, carefree evenings. However, the beautiful season can be demanding for our skin as high temperatures, salt water, chlorinated water and high UV radiation all have an effect on it. Therefore, special care of the skin during the summer is recommended. Our products SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR are ideal companions for the time in the sun (and of course also before and after).

SheEnvisions – How our Marble Kiss Lipstick became „La Cameroonaise”

2022-03-29T14:12:23+02:0015. March 2022|Personal Care|

Current global events show how valuable and important it is that there are people who, full of devotion and charity, want to make our earth a little bit better. One of these fascinating people is the young Cameroonian Ingrid, who worked in our IOI CARE Studio as a working student. When she learned from us how theoretical chemistry is applied in practice, she came up with the idea of imparting this knowledge in Cameroon to students, who have only few opportunities to use their knowledge. Today we would like to introduce you to the "SheEnvisions" project, which was launched together with the non-profit organization "Sustainable Growth Projects".

Design Your Perfect Texture in Three Easy Steps

2022-03-04T15:28:43+01:0023. February 2022|General, Personal Care|

The use of cosmetics should be an experience thanks to an exciting texture and pleasant sensory properties. In the jungle of raw materials, it is up to the formulator to combine the right ingredients, such as actives, fragrances, emollients and oils. One important constituent with an elementary role that ensures versatility and stability is a must: the emulsifier!

IMWITOR® 600 – Naturally soft emulsifier, for a perpetual caress

2021-11-16T10:46:42+01:008. November 2021|Personal Care|

A praline can undoubtedly be called the queen of chocolate specialties. And rightly so, because it usually consists of special flavour compositions and requires an elaborate and technically demanding production method. There is a critical moment in production – namely when the praline is covered with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. IMWITOR® 600 was created over 20 years ago precisely for this moment and has since become an integral part of the wonderful world of chocolate. Something that is suitable for pralines can also be transferred perfectly to cosmetics. Curious?

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