Empowerment and Diversity: Women at IOI Oleo GmbH share their experiences on International Women’s Day

2023-04-18T12:27:33+02:0021. March 2023|Company, General|

Empowerment and diversity in the world of work: On International Women's Day, three of our talented female colleagues share their experiences and challenges. They themselves were also inspired by strong women. With IOI Oleo GmbH they have found an employer who is proud of people who go their own way and create an environment in which exactly that is possible.

IOI Oleo GmbH – Globally Active for You

2023-04-18T14:00:47+02:0013. March 2023|General, Trade Fairs|

The pharmaceutical specialties of the Pharma business unit set standards for quality and are already used in more than 90 countries worldwide. Our distribution partners around the globe play a vital role in also maintaining these high standards in service and consultation. Our team is therefore always glad to have a personal exchange and to represent IOI Oleo GmbH at various trade fairs.

On the way to climate neutrality: IOI introduces the transformation concept

2023-04-18T12:27:45+02:009. March 2023|General|

Sustainability and climate protection are firmly embedded at IOI Oleo GmbH. For many years now, we have been taking small and large steps to reduce climate-damaging emissions relating to our business activities. In March, our “Transformation Concept” project commenced, in which we clearly specify the measures we are implementing for the next ten years towards reaching climate neutrality.

Committed to Sustainability – CPHI 2022

2022-12-01T13:44:31+01:0025. November 2022|General, Pharma, Trade Fairs|

In November, the CPHI 2022 in Frankfurt, the leading trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, finally ended our long absence from trade fairs. We were all very excited to finally see our customers, business partners and friends again, resume personal discussions and make new contacts. One topic was especially important to us: Sustainability. And we were particularly proud of an innovation with a great deal of potential.

Summer, sun, sunshine – perfect care with SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR

2022-07-29T12:55:00+02:0025. July 2022|General, Personal Care|

We associate summer with light clothing, a good mood and balmy, carefree evenings. However, the beautiful season can be demanding for our skin as high temperatures, salt water, chlorinated water and high UV radiation all have an effect on it. Therefore, special care of the skin during the summer is recommended. Our products SOFTISAN® 649 and SOFTISAN® conditionHAIR are ideal companions for the time in the sun (and of course also before and after).

MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO – The water-light Feel-Good-Emollient goes green

2022-05-09T09:12:35+02:002. May 2022|General|

It's no secret that the important ozone layer is constantly getting thinner and the protection against harmful UV radiation decreases as a result. Protecting our skin is therefore more important than ever in order to prevent the risk of skin cancer. In addition to the right clothing, primarily sunscreen lotions with a high sun protection factor provide protection. The formulation of these sun creams is primarily characterized by the use of chemical and synthetic ingredients. With MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO, however, we give your formulation a real ECO boost!

Making a virtue of necessity – dealing with supply chain issues in the Technical Applications business unit

2022-05-06T10:39:22+02:0019. April 2022|General, General|

The Corona pandemic has led to diverse business constraints all around the globe. Not only have costs of logistics, raw materials and packaging material increased extremely but also the availabilities of such decreased rapidly. Freight costs from Asia to Europe have multiplied, creating a huge challenge especially for materials from the Far East. Vessels or containers are often blocked in harbours due to lockdowns or sick crews. Harvests were partially lower during the pandemic, also related to lockdown situations.

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