SOFTIGEN® 767: The Water-Loving Emollient

5. October 2021

With the revolution of the soap production in the 19th century, washing with soap was firmly established as a part of daily hygiene. However, the surfactants contained in soap weakened the skin’s natural barrier, and producers therefore began adding refatting ingredients.
Our SOFTIGEN® 767 has already been used since the 1970s for refatting purposes, among others. However, this water-loving emollient has much more to offer and is also a gentle alternative to soap.

In the 19th century, people believed that the plague could be transmitted via water and only rubbed their skin down with dry cloths. But times were changing and the first seaside resorts emerged in Cuxhaven and on the island of Norderney. This was the start of the triumph of soap. With the revolution of soap production, its cost decreased considerably, meaning that even the less wealthy could afford it. Today it is impossible to imagine not having soaps, bath products and shower gels as part of daily hygiene. However, their excessive use can do more harm than good to the skin’s natural protective barrier. Once this natural barrier is weakened, irritations and itching can occur more quickly or the skin becomes dry and scaly.

The surfactants contained in rinse-off products remove the lipids, i.e., fats, that are essential for a healthy skin. Without these fats, the skin becomes rough. Our SOFTIGEN® 767 – the water-loving emollient – resolves this problem and offers further useful functions for cosmetic products.

SOFTIGEN® 767 is a real allrounder and functions as a:


Pigments and other powdery raw materials are coated (wetted) and can then be better incorporated and homogeneously dispersed in formulations


Has a refatting effect and supports the skin’s natural barrier (e.g., in bath products and shower gels)


With an HLB (Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance, scale from 0-20) of 14, it solubilizes oils and perfume oils, among others, in cosmetic products (e.g., for perfumes, clear surfactant products and ideal for micellar water)


Eases processing and improves the application of the end product (e.g., for rinse-off products)

Micellar water as a gentle alternative to conventional cleansing gels – naturally with SOFTIGEN® 767

The clou of the product becomes apparent when it is used in micellar waters, which, due to the gentle but effective facial cleansing, are a mild alternative to cleansing gels and fully on trend. But what are micelles and how do they function?

Micelles are microscopic particles formed from surfactants. They have a lipophilic core and a hydrophilic shell with which they can remove liposoluble residues from the skin, for example makeup or pollutants from the air. At the same time, however, the skin’s oils are not stripped and its natural barrier remains intact. SOFTIGEN® 767 is therefore both very powerful and particularly mild in micellar water (non-sensitizing und non-irritating to the skin).

SOFTIGEN® 767 already forms micelles at a low concentration of just one per cent. A simple test with a laser pointer proves this:

On the left: A glass with distilled water (the laser beam is not visible)

On the right: A glass with distilled water containing 1% SOFTIGEN® 767 (the laser beam becomes visible = micelles have been formed)



  • Offers Mildness paired with powerful removal of make-up
  • SOFTIGEN® 767 solubilizes fragrances, essential oils and volatile crystalline substances
  • Fit for fragrances, clear surfactant solutions or micellar waters


  • Water-soluble emollient with good skin tolerance
  • Can prevent skin contraction and avoids skin drying
  • In combination with skin moisture, it precipitates on the skin and form a thin skin caring film


  • Reduces viscosity of formulas
  • Refatting agent leading to improved lipid layer properties (pliancy)
  • Imparts long-lasting and pleasant skin feel

Our product offers formulators a number of further benefits.


  • can be added directly to the water or surfactant phase

  • can pre-solubilize perfume or other lipophilic substances

  • as a solubilizer it enables clear formulations

  • can be processed hot or cold

  • can be pumped, meaning less energy consumption, easy to use

  • does not react with water during heating, hydrolysis does not occur

  • is produced in accordance with EU GMP Guidelines (learn more here) and is also used inpharmaceutical applications

  • is vegan and RSPO MB certified

  • enables diverse applications: micellar water, facial sprays, bath products, wet wipes, alcoholic oil-free formulations, clear shampoos and bodywashes, perfumes and many more

The diversity of SOFTIGEN® 767 reveals itself in diverse formulations, two of which we have selected here:

Veganista Face Tonic

SOFTIGEN® 767 solubilizes perfume; ensures a transparent product

Cleansing Handfoam to go

SOFTIGEN® 767 acts as a mild cleanser and refatting agent

Would you like to learn more about this multitalent SOFTIGEN® 767 and its applications?  Then contact us; we are always glad to be of service to you!

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller is Application Engineer in the CARE Studio. She is a graduate of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where she received an Engineer’s degree in Cosmetic and Detergent Technologies. Before joining IOI, Insa worked at LR Health & Beauty, developing skin care products. Insa is fascinated by the world of cosmetics and is always up to date on the latest fashion trends. After work, she is currently doing a Master’s course in Sales and Marketing at the Wismar University of Applied Sciences.