Lipid-based excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients „Made in Germany“ – you can rely on us.

Decades of experience and expertise shape today`s quality of our specialties and drive new product developments and operational excellence.
As a result, our brand names are considered all over the globe as the benchmark in parenteral nutrition as well as topical, oral, rectal applications and animal health.

Quality, compliance, functionality and technical support are the cornerstones of the day-to-day cooperation with customers and partners.
Our dedication and strict commitment to highest product purity and safety are reflected every day in the effort of our employees and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

The repeated confirmation of our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the responsible competent German authority and the US-FDA acknowledge our intention to deliver quality leadership to the healthcare industry.

Brands with tradition


  • DYNASAN® Monoacid triglycerides for various applications 

  • IMWITOR® Functionalized lipids for drug delivery systems
  • MIGLYOL® MCT oil and related  C8-C10 fatty Esters

  • SOFTIGEN® Liquid solubilizer for lipophilic substances
  • SOFTISAN® Specialties for topical and oral application forms

  • WITEPSOL® Hard fats for suppositories and ovules

Lipid-based excipients made in Germany, manufactured in our EU GMP-certified and US FDA-approved production facility


Here you will find an overview of our products from the “Pharma” range.
You can filter the products according to specific attributes.


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  • Product name

    Chemical description / monograph name


  • Product name:
    WITEPSOL® E 75
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Hard Fat + Beeswax
    Solid triglycerides - WITEPSOL® E
  • Product name:
    WITEPSOL® E 76
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Hard Fat, Adeps solidus
    Solid triglycerides - WITEPSOL® E
  • Product name:
    WITEPSOL® E 85
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Hard Fat, Adeps solidus
    Solid triglycerides - WITEPSOL® E
  • Product name:
    WITEPSOL® H 12
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Hard Fat, Adeps solidus
    Solid triglycerides - WITEPSOL® H
  • Product name:
    WITEPSOL® H 15
    Chemical description / monograph name:
    Hard Fat, Adeps solidus
    Solid triglycerides - WITEPSOL® H


Some of the PDFs are only available in the old layout, but will soon be available for download in revised form.
Please consider the environment before printing documents.

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Engineered Lipid Excellence – Made in Germany

By |1. March 2021|Pharma|

Hardly any other area today is as highly regulated by the legislature as the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are currently no manufacturing guidelines for lipid-based excipients, although most drugs consist for the largest part (75 to 99%) of excipients. The team of the Pharma Business Unit at IOI Oleo GmbH is aware of its responsibility as a globally known provider of oleochemical specialties for pharmaceuticals. We were the first company to receive a GMP certificate for our excipients, although this is only required for active ingredients.

Our somewhat different hard fat

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"The hard fat with a difference?" - SOFTISAN® 378 of the IOI Oleo GmbH corresponds to the properties of hard fat according to the official monograph. In this blog post you will experience what is actually hidden behind the product and what its special properties are.

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Startoff for the Pharma Team

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We got off to a running start in preparing for the CPhI Worldwide and intended to proudly present our new Corporate Design there, together with our completely revised catalogues. But, as everyone knows, all trade fairs were cancelled; we are therefore using this medium to bring you closer to our new look and feel.

MIGLYOL® and IMWITOR® as benchmarks in veterinary formulations

By |2. September 2020|Pharma|

The health situation of companion and farm animals worldwide has developed and improved significantly in recent years. That is very largely due, on the one hand, to pharmaceutical products as well as biological and medically prescribed nutritional supplements and, on the other hand, to the raw materials used. And here too IOI Oleo GmbH’s “Pharma” business unit with its specialties has a role to play.

Strong brands for current trends – cannabidiol

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The growing acceptance among customers and patients encourages market researchers to forecast outstanding growth potential for cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis-based products. We have investigated intensively with this topic and wanted to find out which oil is best using acknowledged and objective methods.


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