Our somewhat different hard fat

7. January 2021

We have another specialty with excellent properties in our portfolio that complies with the monograph: SOFTISAN® 378, which consists of purely vegetable raw materials.

And what exactly is meant by “The hard fat with a difference”?

Quite simply: As mentioned, it complies to the monograph “hard fat”. However, using it to make suppositories soon proves impossible due to its consistency, which is rather like that of lard. SOFTISAN® 378 is therefore used in ointments, creams, lotions and pastes. Moreover, because it is odourless and tasteless, it is also used as an API carrier in chewable tablets as well as in hard and soft gelatin capsules.

Particularly the use of SOFTISAN® 378 for semi-solid dosage forms offers numerous advantages as it melts quickly on the skin and has a spreading cascade comparable to that of a mixture of different oils. Its film-forming properties ensure a light, non-tacky caring effect.

While the recommended maximum dosage for semi-solid formulations is 15%, already the use of 2% SOFTISAN® 378 in emulsions can change the sensorial properties significantly.

Due to the superior oxidation stability and product uniformity of SOFTISAN® 378, we guarantee a retest period of 3 years, as we do for almost all of our products.

SOFTISAN® 378 is manufactured in our EU GMP-certified and US FDA-approved site in Witten– reliable quality “Made in Germany”.

We would be pleased to send you further information, the specification and samples – just let us know.

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René Beyer

René Beyer has been a member of our Pharma team since 2014. As Head of Strategic Sales, his responsibilities include looking after our major industrial customers. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, René has gained extensive expertise in the areas of Sales, Purchasing and Business Development in different companies. With this background, he is a competent contact partner for all commercial, quality and regulatory questions. For him service is not just a word, but lived practice.