Day Dreaming Kit – Start your Day right! PART 2

20. August 2022

UPDATE from 23.08.2022

In our previous Personal Care Newsletter post, we introduced our “Dearest Day Face Oil” and “Dandy Daily Face Cream-Gel” formulations to you. Now the third and fourth formulation of our Day Dreaming Kit follow. Be inspired and ensure a fresh, light start to the day.

Our Day Dreaming Kit

Why only wish your partner and colleagues “good morning”? – wish yourself one too! With a refreshing and motivating routine right after getting up. Freshly squeezed orange juice or rather a strong coffee …? And the right body and face care is an absolute must.

This should be fun but not too time consuming either − after all, who has time in the morning? This is exactly why we have developed four revitalizing formulations, which we would like to present in this article. In addition to our versatile evergreens, our Day Dreaming Kit also includes all the ingredients needed to create and experience these formulations. Start your day right, of course, with IOI.

The foundation for a successful day is laid in the morning. If you follow a daily routine, motivation increases and stress decreases. Body care, which allows you to start the day with a refreshing, revitalizing kick, is an essential component of a good routine.

Especially in these times with new negative news every day, the ongoing effects of the pandemic, the lack of distinction between living and working at home and the consequent missing structure, makes the body crave attention. Our kit with its formulations is designed precisely for these needs and addresses the de-stressing ritual in the evening and the uplifting routine in the morning.


Delicate Delight Body Concentrate

Sustainable and moisturizing body care!

Dancing in the Skies

Walking like on clouds

Dearest Day Face Oil

Turn your day into a good one

Dandy Daily Face Cream-Gel

Express your inner Dandy

Tägliche Up-Lifting Routine mit dem Day Dreaming Kit

Get inspired and experience a real kick of freshness. We start with the water-free moisturizer “Delicate Delight Body Concentrate”, for use on wet skin directly after a shower. For those in a hurry, our second formulation, “Dancing in the Skies” is just the thing: a moisturizing spray that is absorbed particularly quickly. Our “Dearest Day Face Oil” follows the “Anhydrous Beauty” trend and gives the skin an ultra-light feeling. Last but not least, the “Dandy Daily Face Cream Gel” chilled in the refrigerator immediately refreshes sleepy faces.

DELICATE DELIGHT BODY CONCENTRATE – The water-free favorite after-shower for all family, for all genders

Water-free products are all the trend, but can quickly become too rich due to the high oil content, so the right combination of oils and emollients is always important. Our formula feels nourishingly rich when applied to wet skin, but gets lighter and lighter and lighter as you massage it in …

This water-free formulation requires only seven ingredients and consists of 100% oils and emollients. The production in a cold process saves energy, which is a further contribution to sustainability. The ingredients MIGLYOL® T-C7 and WITARIX® MCT C8 ensure a pleasant, moisturizing effect (we have collected new data for this product in an external laboratory – contact us for more information -> CONTACT)Especially in summer, we want light formulas with a full care effect, which regularly poses challenges for formulators. By using WITARIX® MCT C8, however, we create a transforming skin feeling – when applied, this emollient gives a rich, nourishing skin feel that changes to “light and silky” when massaged in (for more information about this, read our article “WITARIX® MCT C8 – The Sensory Transformer”).The fresh smell of this formulation makes it a “gender fluid”. Due to the oil base, the formulation is very efficient and moisturizing. Thus, as a sustainable (vegan and >99% natural) alternative to body lotion, it is extra travel-friendly.

Unser Star-Ingredient – WITARIX® MCT C8

This triglyceride has a medium spreadability, medium to high polarity, is 100% natural, vegan, readily biodegradable and is making a name for itself as “THE SENSORY TRANSFORMER“.

+ Now also with new data from an external laboratory for corneometry – Sprechen Sie uns an.

Further Benefits:

  • Ingredients have a neutral smell; fragrance-free formulations are possible
  • Preservative-free formula
  • Saves energy and time by cold process
  • Minimalist concept, easy to formulate and customize
  • Fits perfectly with sustainable and water-free trend products

DANCING IN THE SKIES – Feel refreshed and light, walk on the clouds, dance in the skies

This formulation is intended for all readers who are in a hurry in the morning and yet do not want to do without daily care. True to the motto of “Get dressed without waiting for your moisturizer to be absorbed”, the product is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a fresh start to the day.

This O/W emulsion has it all because it is based on 98% natural ingredients and does not contain microplastic claimed gel formers – still it is a stable spray ! The production in a cold process saves time and energy and thus provides a further sustainability kick. The low emollient phase of only 10% and the use of only 1% of our powerful emulsifier (IMWITOR® 375) make the concept very cost-efficient. Our ingredient MIGLYOL® 8810 ECO also ensures water-light sensory properties and a moisturizing effect.In this formulation, our IMWITOR® 375 plays its full strengths. The product is hardly applied when it is absorbed, leaving  a feather-light skin feeling and a dry, non-oily after-feel.The name “Dancing in the Skies” was chosen deliberately as, after applying it, you feel like you’re walking on clouds. The spray provides a real energy boost, but also has a calming effect thanks to the use of aloe vera. Perfect for care after a morning shave, for tired legs or for anyone who wants to get dressed without waiting after applying a lotion.

Unser Star-Ingredient – IMWITOR® 375

IMWITOR® 375 is a liquid, anionic O/W emulsifier with an HLB of 10 – 12. It is perfect for cold process formulations and does not build up viscosity, which is why it is ideal for sprayable concepts.

+ For more information read our post “Touching Technologies – IMWITOR® 375” and watch our Ingredient Tutorial on Youtube:

Furthere Benefits:

  • Follows the “Skinification” trend (actives used for facial treatment also have an effect on other parts of the body)
  • Formula is compatible with alternative preservative systems – clean beauty concept fit
  • Easy to formulate and easy to customize (also works with up to 20% oil phase)
  • A variety of product ideas can arise from one technology (e.g. a face sprizz, sun spray etc.) – Let your creativity run free!

DEAREST DAY FACE OIL – For your perfect, weightless start into the day!

A long-lasting, moisturizing effect is needed to keep the skin looking fresh and cared for even on stressful days. Dearest Day Face Oil contains no water and is still light and non-oily. The perfect care for an energetic start to the day.

This minimalistic (only seven ingredients) and water-free formulation consists of 100% pure oils and emollients. The cold-process concept is based on WITARIX® MCT 70/30 (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) (40%). This emollient allows a variety of different sensory experiences depending on how it is combined (more on that in the coming months). MIGLYOL® Coco 810 spreads quickly, has a moisturizing effect and makes the skin feel weightless and non-oily.Oil = oily? Not always! Despite (or maybe because of) 100% oil, this facial oil feels ultra-light and non-oily, and leaves a silky, velvety after-feel. It is absorbed extra quickly and provides the skin with moisture (thanks to MIGLYOL® Coco 810).

Click here and let our Formula Expert guide you through the formulation: Formula Insights – Dearest Day Face Oil – IOI Oleo CARE Studio – YouTube

Well-groomed skin not only feels good, but also enhances our well-being. Gentle rose fragrance, rose hip oil and eucalyptus extracts ensure a rosy, fresh radiance. This light facial oil is vegan, >99% natural and your perfect start to the day!

Our Star-Ingredient – MIGLYOL® Coco 810

The wax ester MIGLYOL® Coco 810 has low polarity and offers high spreadability. It features an ultra-light, silky and dry, non-oily feel. It is also 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable.

+ Now also with new data regarding skin moisture measurement (Corneometry) – feel free to contact us!


Other Benefits:

  • Saves energy and time with a cold process
  • Fits perfectly with sustainable and water-free trend concepts!
  • Easy to formulate and easy to customize
  • One base (WITARIX® MCT 70/30) – very different market concepts (more on this in the coming months) 

Curious about how Dearest Day Face Oil is formulated? Check out our formulation tutorial: Formula tutorial – Dearest Day Face Oil – IOI Oleo CARE Studio – YouTube

DANDY DAILY FACE CREAM GEL – Express your inner Dandy, every day!

Even if this era is long gone, you should at least express your inner dandy through attentive care and hold on to the idea of ​​a beautiful life. This light and refreshing cream gel has a very low oil phase, is absorbed quickly and still provides a lasting care effect.

This O/W emulsion contains about 10% emollients, is absorbed quickly and has a creamy-gel texture thanks to our IMWITOR® 375. The combination with IMWITOR® 372 P ensures an extra stable base, even with a higher water phase. The cream gel is formulated without silicone and is the perfect make-up base.The high water content in combination with IMWITOR® 375 creates a feather-light texture that refreshes tired skin in the morning! The emollients used ensure a velvety skin feeling and fast absorption, leading to a long-lasting dry, non-oily caring sensation.For an extra good start to the day, store the cream gel in the fridge or place chilled spoons on your eyes! Due to its gender-neutral fragrance, this vegan and >99% natural cream gel is suitable for all dandies, whether m, f or d.

Our Star-Ingredient – IMWITOR® 372 P

Our Evergreen is robust, reliable, renewable and easy to use. This O/W emulsifier is natural & vegan, anionic, compatible with all UV filters, oils and pigments and builds viscosity. Perfect for all liquid to buttery textures. (In our article “IMWITOR® 372 P – An evergreen that is second to none” you will find all the details about the product).

Other Benefits:

  • Easy to formulate, processes can be designed flexibly
  • Microplastic-free formulation
  • Cost-efficient (only requires 10% oil content)
  • One pot process
  • Great for all ages and genders

Start your day with a freshness kick and experience the revitalizing properties of our formulations.

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Insa Waller

Insa Waller has a background in cosmetic chemistry and marketing. Before joining IOI, she gained experience in B2C product development (skin care) and production. After a position as sales manager (german-speaking countries), Insa moved to the CARE Studio, IOI Oleo's in-house showroom and application lab in Hamburg, as an application engineer. Since graduating with a degree in marketing, she also works as technical marketing. Insa has a passion for cosmetics, fashion and trends and enjoys going for a run.