SOFTIGEN® 767 as a solubilizer & penetration enhancer for topical applications

2023-03-15T11:10:30+01:0010. February 2023|Pharma|

In the topical application of drugs and for their therapeutic success, the development or the selection of the formulation of the active ingredient carrier is of crucial importance. IOI Oleo GmbH is committed to the production of lipidic excipients of the highest quality, which have been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. The multifunctional product SOFTIGEN® 767 solubilizes active ingredients and at the same time has a moisturizing effect - an optimal combination for topical formulations.

Acid value as a central, objective quality factor for lipid excipients

2023-02-02T09:58:29+01:0016. January 2023|Pharma|

The selection and qualification of a manufacturer of excipients and active ingredients is one of the main tasks of quality management, which aims, among other things, to ensure the manufacture of effective and safe pharmaceuticals. In this context, monographs serve as a guide to evaluate raw materials regarding their physico-chemical properties and also help to compare different sources of the "supposedly" same raw material.

Committed to Sustainability – CPHI 2022

2022-12-01T13:44:31+01:0025. November 2022|General, Pharma, Trade Fairs|

In November, the CPHI 2022 in Frankfurt, the leading trade fair for the pharmaceutical industry, finally ended our long absence from trade fairs. We were all very excited to finally see our customers, business partners and friends again, resume personal discussions and make new contacts. One topic was especially important to us: Sustainability. And we were particularly proud of an innovation with a great deal of potential.

DYNASAN® 118 – Your Formulation Challenges – Our Solutions

2021-11-16T10:47:11+01:0021. October 2021|General, Pharma|

In 1843 the Englishman William Brockedon (1787 - 1854) applied for a patent for the tablet and caused “one of the most tremendous upheavals that the pharmacists have ever experienced”. Thereby active ingredients can be precisely dosed and are very stable, the taking is convenient, the production cheap and they are easy to transport. As a result, tablets occupy a special position today with a share of almost 50% among the drug forms.

Promising Trends from the US Market – IOI Oleo already has the answers

2021-10-11T13:56:35+02:005. October 2021|Pharma, Trade Fairs|

A trend that we are seeing in the market in the USA is the improvement of patient compliance. "Take 1 tablet instead of having to think about regularly taking 3 tablets a day." A trend that we are seeing in the USA addresses just this topic. The goal is to ensure the release of the active ingredients over a longer period after administration. This enables longer intervals between doses and, as a result, improved quality of personal life and an increased chance of successful treatment.

SOFTISAN® 649 – THE plant-based synthetic Lanolin Alternative

2021-08-24T11:16:12+02:0012. August 2021|Pharma|

Lanolin or wool wax is a versatile ingredient and was used medicinally in ancient times. Lanolin is the secretion from sebum glands of sheep and is formed on the surface of their skin. However, the animals have to be treated with pesticides to protect them from parasites. The problem here is that these pesticides accumulate in the wool wax and can later lead to strong allergic reactions in users. This motivated IOI Oleo GmbH to develop a plant-based, synthetic alternative: et voila, SOFTISAN® 649 has since enriched our portfolio and has, among other things, made a name for itself as a lanolin substitute in the pharmaceutical industry.

MIGLYOL® as the Worldwide Benchmark for Injectables

2021-07-27T10:29:10+02:0029. June 2021|Pharma|

An infusion can save lives and is used as a basic therapy in all areas of health care. The therapy, however, is complex and error-prone. Just as the patient relies on the correct diagnosis by the doctor and the proper execution by the specialist staff, so must the doctor and specialist staff rely on the quality of the infusions. With the MIGLYOL® product portfolio, the Pharma business unit of IOI Oleo GmbH offers high-quality carriers for injectables (infusions and injections).

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