Aluminum processing for food contact

7. October 2020


They are on everyone’s lips: Ready-to-eat meals are becoming more and more popular in many people’s everyday lives. The corona crisis has led, among other things, to a major part of many airlines’ fleets being grounded and hence to a decline in such food packaging in that industry; nevertheless, there is clearly an upward trend: a growing world population and, at the same time, an increasing demand for ready-to-eat meals should not be dismissed.

With the lubricant SOFTENOL® 3829, developed by IOI Oleo GmbH’s Technical Applications Business Unit specially for contact with foodstuffs, aluminium processing all over the world is made more efficient as well as economically attractive through a deepdrawing process. The key functions may seem trivial but are of eminent importance for the customer: the lubricant not only reduces the friction between form and material; it dissipates heat and therefore paves the way for an uncomplicated moulding process, minimises wear and tear on the material on both sides and prevents rust and corrosion.

Moreover, only small amounts need to be applied to achieve the necessary effect. After processing is completed, the product can simply be washed off. Naturally, the heart of the application is its confirmed harmlessness for uses involving contact with foodstuffs; this makes IOI Oleo GmbH a leading supplier of lubricants for deep drawing processing of aluminium.

If you would like to learn more about the possible areas of application, our Tech App Team will be glad to advise you.

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Dr. Andreas Wintzer

Dr. Andreas Wintzer is Technical Product Manager in the Technical Applications Business Unit at IOI Oleo GmbH. He studied Chemistry at TU Dortmund University with an emphasis on technical chemistry, particularly in the area of renewable raw materials. The extensive knowledge he acquired during his studies is the perfect basis for his work at IOI. Before joining IOI Oleo GmbH, Andreas completed a trainee programme at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, then gained production experience as a technologist at Papierfabrik Hagen, which at the time belonged to the Stora Enso group. He enjoys sports, regularly rides to work by bike and preferably spends his leisure time with his family or friends.