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Quality Management

We are proud of the quality of our products and the care taken in their production

A modern Quality Management strengthens our company and makes it attractive to customers, business partners and employees.

A modern Quality Management does not just rigidly implement standards and regulations; it includes the closer examination of the processes and it communicates, supports and advises its internal and external customers.

We see the growing needs and requirements of our customers as an indicator and challenge for our positioning in the market. Therefore, one of our strategic objectives is the definition of internal quality standards that reach beyond the stipulations of norms and standards.

We consider a corporate culture that is lived, authentic leadership and a high degree of adaptability to change as elementary preconditions for integral corporate quality.

For only through the reliable quality of our processes, products and services as distinguishing features can we achieve sustainable success in the long term.

  • We consider quality to be a management responsibility.
  • We invest in the vocational and further training of our specialist and managerial employees.
  • We promote responsible, creative and passionate individuals.
  • We quality managers also see ourselves as change managers.
  • We offer our customers transparent quality management for cooperation based on trust.
  • We harmonize the quality management systems across our sites.

Contact us

Nicole Hartz

Nicole Hartz
Head of Quality Management/Integrated Management Systems

+49 40 280031-280