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IOI Group

IOI Group is a leading player in the integrated palm oil market and one of the largest property development investment groups in Malaysia. 

IOI Group’s core business is integrated oil palm plantation business with activities comprising the upstream cultivation of oil palm and downstream resource-based manufacturing, which includes refinery and the manufacturing of oleochemicals and specialty oils and fats. 

IOI Group has established its leadership position in the various businesses it is involved in and is reputed as one of the most efficient and profitable plantation companies in Malaysia. It has been consistently ranked amongst the leading companies in Malaysia and Asia in various management award categories in surveys conducted by Asia Finance, Asiamoney, Euromoney and Far Eastern Economic Review, to name just a few.

Oil palm trees in plantation

IOI Oleochemicals Division

IOI Oleo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vegetable-based oleochemicals. Traditionally, oleochemicals were produced mainly for industrial applications using tallow (animal fat) or coconut oil. 

In 1980 the Group pioneered the exclusive use of palm oil as an alternative raw material base to produce fatty acids and glycerine. It is important to note that palm oil (Botanical name: Elaeis guineensis) has the highest yield of all known oil crops, e.g. more than double the yield of coconut. This means that less than half of the land area is necessary to produce the same amount of oil.

The IOI Group has also ventured downstream into the production of soap noodles, metallic stearates and fatty esters. Today our oleochemical products are used for further processing into household and industrial products ranging from soaps, detergents, toiletries, plastics, paints, coatings, greases, lubricants, rubber, latex, etc. to high-grade products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. 

The oleochemical business is therefore driven by consumer demand for the end products manufactured by our customers and business partners.